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Readers Respond: The Best Places to Visit in Germany

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There are so many great things to see and do in Germany that it is always tough to narrow down a "must-see" list. So join the conversation and tell us what you think:
What are the top places to visit, the best things to do, and the attractions worth seeing in Germany?
Share your favorites with us and find out, what other Germany travelers recommend.


Ah, the memories on seeing and reading. Bonn has a fantastic park that is huge. Has a cool flea market once a month, biking trails, a Japanese garden, duck ponds and more. Also, do try to take in a volksmarsch. They are so much fun and are a great way to be among the people. Don't forget to bring your dog as Germany is very dog friendly!
—Guest Pattiecake

Mespelbrunn castle

This pretty manor type castle is surrounded by water. It is still owned by the ancestors of the original builders. I've met the new owner and she is a very nice lady. On the corner when you head for the castle is a Ice cream parlor that makes their own ice cream and also have terrific pizza. My favorite is their salad pizza. It is run by a great lady named Sonja.

they all are fantastic. Been many times

One of the best places to visit is Passau, where the Danube meets the Ils and the Iles river. Never destroyed or bombed. Beautiful.
—Guest Wendy


Just stumbled across this thread, I may be a bit late, but don't miss out on the cities, east and west. Frankfurt as well as Dusseldorf were good fun, Hamburg is beautiful as well. And, as already mentioned above, Dresden is great, too. Germany is a great country with lots of nice folks, can't do anything wrong visiting. I'll make sure I get back there asap anyway :)
—Guest Carl


What are some places to see in Germany? I am doing a school report on it and there seems to be no other websites that can help me out.
—Guest Kira

I'd also recommend ...

The Christmas Markets in Cologne. They are beautiful, and around the Cathedral, so whilst there I'd recommend visiting that too. (The Lindt Chocolate factory is also in Cologne - great for keeping the whole family occupied, and the gift shop is massive!)
—Guest Sophie


Heidelberg, with the castle, the Old University, the Old Nekar Bridge and its grassy banks. Beautiful hills surrounding the valley. OLD Germany-not destroyed by WWII.
—Guest C J

Best Places to Visit in Germany

Garmisch Germany is my favorite place. Setting in Bavaria, close to Innsbuck, Switzerland, Munich, surrounded by the Alps, Oberramagau (Passion Play) 2010. etc.
—Guest Robert "Ollie" Oliver


all places of Germany are beautiful. Dresden, Colon, Berlin, Bonn, Koeln, Munich,Leipzig, Frankfurt.......Germany is the wonderland of the world.
—Guest maulik joshi

Little Villages

Mix with the local people in the local villages. Sit outside of a beautiful Gasthaus, preferably near a lake or some sort of body of water and have a nice Bier or a glass of wine and socialize with the local folk. My favorite part of Germany is Bavaria, particularly in Garmisch, which is close to Oberramagau which is famous for wood carving and also the Passion Play is held there every ten years. You are only a stones throw from Austria and very close to Switzerland. Plus you have access to the highest point in Germany which is almost 10,000 Feet up, The Zugspitze. While you are on top you can walk across to Austria have a bite to eat and walk back.
—Guest Robert "Ollie" Oliver


dresden is the most beautiful city in germany, amongst the cities i have visited. i would love to visit it again and again. The architecture is wonderful.
—Guest maulik joshi

Baden Wurttemberg

My family has been in America since 1881. I have at 55 years old just made my first trip back to the home village in the Neckartal. Not only was it my first visit but I was also the first in our family to return in 125 years. What a greeting and celebration waiting for us. this is quite typical in Germany and most certainly for the Swabians of Wurtemberg. While there in Germay we visited much of what was the western sector and it was all wonderful but the Black Forest area is the definitive spot for fun, beauty and peacefulness. Most highly recommended. It could take a life time to experience all things and places in Baden-Wurttemberg alone.
—Guest Albert Plocher


Spent three days there last year. The City is beautiful with its location on the Mosel. If you have a chance ride the bike path down the Mosel...goes all the way to Koblenz if you are really in good shape. So many Roman Ruins to see and their City Museum was really interesting and worth seeing. Walk the city as there is so much to see on both sides of the Mosel.
—Guest Karen


I recommend going to the South of Germany, visiting the lake Bodensee (lake Constance). It is bordered by Germany, Switzerland and Austria, close to the Alps. I took a boat to the island Mainau with my family. Beautiful. The climate is very mild and you can find palm trees, orange trees and many flowers there.
—Guest martenberg


I think Berlin is the best place to visit in Germany. It has so many interesting sights and monuments, and recent history of this city is simply fascinating! I recommend visiting the East Side Gallery (which used to be the original Berlin Wall). If I had to pick a Berlin museum (there are many great ones!), I'd probably recommend visiting the Jewish Museum. The exhibition is very extensive and interesting, and the architecture is breathtaking.
—Guest sabinmuller

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