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Germany Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Germany's Top 10 Cities
The 10 Best Cities in Germany: Learn about the best cities in Germany to visit. Plan your trip and read about Germany's top 10 cities and destinations. Get helpful travel tips for your city trip, from Germany's top destinations Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne, to Duesseldorf, Weimar, Dresden, Trier, and Frankfurt.
Easter in Germany
Read all about Easter in Germany; from Germany's Easter customs, the German Easter egg hunt, and Germany's Easter markets, to traditional German Easter meals. Learn how Germans spend the Easter weekend and get helpful Easter travel tips.
Munich Attractions: Check out the 10 best Munich sights and Munich attractions, and read about the best things to do in Munich; travel information for Munich including Munich's Old Town, the Munich Hofbräuhaus, the Munich Viktualienmarkt, the Munich Residence, and the largest park of Munich, the English Garden. Don't miss the German Museum, the Olympic Stadion, and the Pinakothek of Munich.
10 Things to See in Hamburg, Germany (Sorry, No...
Hamburg's Top Ten Attractions: Information on Hamburg's best attractions, landmarks, and sights that every Hamburg traveler should visit. Hamburg's top ten things to do include the Hamburg harbor, the red light district, and the Hamburg fish market. Read also about the best shopping in Hamburg, top museums, and other attractions and sights in Hamburg.
The Top 10 Sights in Germany: How Many Have You...
The Best Sights and Attractions in Germany: Planning a trip to Germany and want to visit the best sights and attractions? Here are the top ten attractions and sights in Germany that no traveler should miss. Read about Neuschwanstein, the Brandenburg Gate, the Cathedral of Cologne, the Black Forest, the best Christmas markets, Weimar, and many more attractions, landmarks and sights in Germany.
Photo Gallery - The Island of Sylt, Germany
Photos of the island Sylt in Germany; see pictures of Sylt's nature, traditional architecture, and nude beaches.
7 German Beaches You Can Go in the Buff
Nude beaches in Germany: Our list of Germany's nude beaches includes the best nude beaches and nude campgrounds in Germany where naturists can practice nudity. Read where to swim, sunbathe, and go camping naked; from nude beaches on the northern islands in Germany, to nude beaches and nude campgrounds in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.
10 Things to See in Frankfurt (Besides the...
Frankfurt's best attractions: Learn about Frankfurt's 10 best attractions and sights and find out, what to do in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the gateway to Germany and a diverse city that offers many attractions; from Frankfurt museums, and parks, to historic buildings and shopping, here are the 10 best Frankfurt attractions you should visit.
10 Amazing Places You Must See While in Bavaria
Bavaria travel guide: Top 10 Things to Do in Bavaria, from Munich, the Bavarian Alps, and Neuschwanstein, to scenic drives in Bavaria, the Bavarian Forest, Hitler's Eagle's Nest, and more highlights in Bavaria, Germany.
Bargain Hunting in Germany: The Best Outlet...
List of Germany's discount outlet stores and German factory outlets: Learn where you can go shopping and get a bargain on designer brands, fashion, shoes, and toys. List of Germany's discount outlets includes reviews of outlet stores, links to designer outlet stores, and helpful information for your visit.
Nudism in Germany - The Naked Truth
Nudism in Germany is popular and Germany travelers can find many nude beaches (FKK beaches) for naturists and nudists in Germany. Our Nudism in Germany Guide includes guidelines for nude beaches in Germany, what to expect at at nude beach, and a list of the best nude beaches in Germany.
What You Should Expect from Hamburg's Red Light...
Traveler's guide to Hamburg red light district, the Reeperbahn; find out what to expect, and read safety tips and interesting facts about the Reeperbahn.
Top 10 Things to Do in Dresden
Dresden Travel: Check out the 10 best things to do in Dresden, including Dresden's Old Town with the Church of Our Lady, the Dresden Zwinger Palace, the Semper Opera, and all important Dresden sights and attractions.
There is No Better Place to Drive with Your...
Romantic Road Guide: The Romantic Road in Germany is a wonderful scenic drive through Bavaria. Learn about the Romantic Road highlights, and get tips for your Romantic Road drive; from historical German towns, and medieval castles, to romantic palaces, like Neuschwanstein. Learn about the cities that line the Romantic Road, as well as romantic hotels, and restaurants.
Festivals and Events in Germany in April
What's on in Germany in April? Find out what´s happening during your Germany vacation in April,including dates and places of April events and festivals.
How is the Weather in Germany?
How is the weather in Germany? Get an overview of the weather in Germany in all four seasons, including average temperatures in Germany for every month. Find out when to expect what kind of weather in Germany and get helpful travel tips for your Germany vacation.
Germany in Summer
Planning to visit Germany in summer? Here’s what to except in Germany in summer (June – August), from weather, and airfares to Germany, to summer festivals and events.
How to Get from Munich to Berlin (and Back)
How to get from Munich to Berlin, or from Berlin to Munich by plane, train, car, and bus.
Top 10 Things to See in Berlin
Top 10 things to do in Berlin - the best sights and attractions in Berlin that you shouldn't miss!
When is Oktoberfest in 2013, 2014 and 2015?
When is Oktoberfest in Germany? Find out exact Oktoberfest dates and opening hours for Oktoberfest beer tents and rides; also includes helpful links to plan your Munich and Oktoberfest visit.
How to get from Frankfurt to Berlin
How to get from Frankfurt to Berlin, or from Berlin to Frankfurt by plane, train, car or bus.
Top 10 Free Things to Do in Berlin
Berlin's Best Sights: Read about the best free Berlin sights and attractions and enjoy Berlin culture, Berlin history, and Berlin architecture without paying a dime. Most of Berlin's sights are free, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz, East Side Gallery, the Tiergarten, and many more Berlin sights and landmarks. Find out what to do for free in Berlin.
Visa and Passport Requirements for Germany - Do...
Visa and Passport Requirements for Germany: Wondering about the visa and passport requirements for Germany? Read all about German visa and passport requirements here; for travelers, business trips, and students.
Neuschwanstein - Guide to the Fairy Tale Castle...
Neuschwanstein Guide: Guide to Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany, including Neuschwanstein opening hours, Neuschwanstein tickets, Neuschwanstein tours, getting to Neuschwanstein castle, and the history of Neuchwanstein, Germany.
Germany in Spring
Planning to visit Germany in spring? Here’s what to except in Germany in spring (March – May), from spring weather in Germany, and airfares to Germany, to Germany's spring festivals and Easter celebrations.
Festivals in Germany in June
What German festivals and events are on in June 2012? Find out what´s happening during your Germany vacation in June, and learn about dates and places of June events, holidays, and festivals.
Berlin For Kids
Berlin for Kids: Great Things to do in Berlin for kids. Berlin is a wonderful city for kids and families, and there are plenty of family-friendly attractions in Berlin to make kids happy. Here are the best family-friendly activities and sights in Berlin for kids - your children will love Berlin, and so will you.
The Best Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in...
Overview of Germany's best theme parks and amusement parks, whether you are looking for thrilling rides or fun activities for the whole family.
Shopping Hours in Germany
Shopping Hours in Germany: Learn about the opening hours in Germany before you go shopping in Germany. Find out about the opening hours of German shops, department stores, and banks. Learn if you can go shopping on the weekends, and how long shops in Germany are open.
How to get from Frankfurt to Munich
How to get from Frankfurt to Munich, or from Munich to Frankfurt by plane, train, or car.
Germany's Best Scenic Drives
Scenic drives in Germany: Read about Germany's best scenic drives and road trips, from Germany's Romantic Road, and the German Castle Road, to the German Wine Road and the German Fairy Tale Road. Get travel tips for your road trip in Germany, see Germany maps and photos, and find out all about the roads best traveled in Germany.
The Best Castles and Palaces in Germany
All about the best castles in Germany. Get information Germany's best castles and the German Castle Road. Read fascinating historic facts about Germany's castles and get helpful travel tips for the German castles Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg, Wartburg, Eltz, and the German Castle Road.
"Made in Germany" - Best Factory Tours in Germany
Take a tour through Germany's most famous factories; find out about the BMW factory tour, the VW factory tour, German brewery tours, chocolate factory tours, the Meissen porcelain factory tour, and the tour through the Steiff toy factory. Includes addresses and links to the reviewed factory tours
Berlin Nightlife - Guide to Clubs in Berlin
Berlin Clubs and Nightlife: Berlin is the capital of clubs and nightlife. All about dance clubs and music clubs in Berlin, from underground clubs to techno clubs. Before you explore Berlins nightlife and club scenec, read our guide to Berlin Clubs to get the most out of your night; when to go, what to wear, and how to find the best club in Berlin.
The Best Clubs in Berlin
Berlins best clubs: Find Berlin's best night clubs and dance clubs, from electro and house clubs, to pop, and contemporary live music. Includes addresses of Berlin clubs, opening hours of Berlin clubs, and how to get there.
When is Easter in Germay?
When is Easter? Find out Easter Dates in Germany for 2011 and beyond. Easter is one of the most popular holidays in Germany. Find out when Easter is celebrated in Germany, including Good Friday and Easter Monday,and start planning your Easter vacation in Germany.
Shopping in Germany - The Most Popular German...
Shopping in Germany: Read about the best shopping streets in Germany and find out where to shop in in Munich, Frankurt, Hamburg, Berlin, and Cologne; shopping in Germany is fun, and you find everything from designer lables, to international department stores, jewelry, food, and souvenirs, Happy shopping in Germany.
The Best Castle Hotels in Germany
List of the best castle hotels in Germany; many German castles and palaces have been converted into castle hotels; from medieval castles to elegant palaces, here are Germany's best castle hotels and hostels for your fairy-tale vacation. Includes rates and links to the castle hotels.
How to Get From Berlin to Hamburg
How to get from Berlin to Hamburg (or Hamburg to Berlin) by plane, train, car or bus.
Festivals and Events in Germany in May
Germany in May: What German festivals and events are on in May? Find out what´s happening during your Germany vacation in May, including dates and places of May events, holidays, and festivals.
Munich for Kids
Traveling to Munch with the whole family? Here are the best things to in Munich for kids: interactive kids museums, parks and zoos for kids, Munich toy stores, and more kid-friendly ideas in Munich, Germany.
A Germany For All Seasons
When to visit Germany: Planning your Germany travels but not sure when to visit Germany? This seasonal Germany guide helps you find the best time to visit Germany, including Germany travel tips, Germany weather, German events and festivals, and airfares for each of Germany's seasons.
Germany in Fall
Planning to visit Germany in fall? Learn what to except in Germany in fall, from fall weather, and wine festivals in fall, to Oktoberfest, and airfares and hotel rates in Germany in fall. Germany travel guide for September, October and November.
Before You Go to Germany
Before you go to Germany: Planning your Germany travels? Before you go to Germany, check out these helpful Germany travel tips, from visa requirements, when and where to go in Germany, what to see in Germany, to getting around in Germany and budget travel tips.
Gifts and Souvenirs from Germany
Gifts from Germany: Looking for a great gift or souvenir from Germany? Here are some unique German gift ideas; get these German souvenirs on one of your Germany vacations or buy them online - theses gifts will make any Germany traveler happy; includes shoes, books, clothing, cosmetics, and toys from Germany.
Helpful Travel Packing List for Germany
Travel Packing List Germany: What to pack for Germany? This helpful travel packing list includes all travel-musts for your vacation in Germany, including tips on what clothing to pack for Germany.
Top 6 Things to Do in Nuremberg
Learn about the best things to do in Nuremberg, Germany, including photos and guides to Nuremberg's Castle and Old Town, the Nazi Party Rally Ground, and more sights and attractions in Nuremberg.
Dachau Concentration Camp - Visit a Memorial...
The Dachau concentration camp close to Munich was one of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Read about the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, which includes the original prison camps, the crematorium, and an exhibition. Get an overview of the Dachau concentration camp history and find information for your Dachau visit, including Dachau tours, admission, address and helpful tips.
The German Fairy Tale Road - Scenic Drives in...
German Fairy Tale Road Guide: The Fairy Tale Road in Germany is a 370 mile scenic drive that connects the German towns of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales. The German Fairy Tale Road is a family vacation and leads you to medieval villages with half timbered houses, romantic castles, palaces, and mysterious forests where Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White lived.
Driving Tips for Germany - Autobahn, Speed...
Driving Tips for Germany; read tips for driving in Germany. Learn important rules of the road, and get advice for the German Autobahn. Read about speed limits in Germany, drunk driving in Germany, and important German street signs.
From Berlin to Dresden
How to get from Berlin to Dresden (or Dresden to Berlin) by plane, train, car, or bus.
Exploring Germany by Berlin Linien Bus
Berlin Linien Bus Germany: Information on the German bus company Berlin Linien Bus, which offers cheap tickets to 350 destinations in Germany and Europe. Read about Berlin Linien Bus destinations and routes, tickets, and get helpful travel tips.
English Garden Munich
English Garden in Munich: Profile of Munich's English Garden (Englischer Garten), one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Information about beer gardens in the English Garden, lakes, sights, and what to do in the English Garden in Munich.
Oktoberfest 2013 in Munich
Oktoberfest 2013 planning guide, with information about Munich's Oktoberfest, including dates, events, beer tents, hotels, and travel tips for the world's most famous beer festival.
Holocaust Memorials in Germany
List of Holocaust Memorials and Museums in Germany, including former German concentration camps like Dachau and Sachsenhausen.
Best 6 Beer Halls in Munich
Best 6 beer halls and beer pubs in Munich, where you can enjoy Bavarian hospitality at its best.
Train Travel in Germany - All About Train...
Train travel in Germany: Read all about train travel in Germany and get a great overview of Germany's trains and the German Railway system. Get helpful information on purchasing German train tickets, seat reservations, timetables for German trains, and discount train passes and tickets.
The German Castle Road - Guide to the Castle...
German Castle Road Guide: The Castle Road in Germany is a scenic drive with 70 castles and palaces. Read about the highlights of the German Castle Road, and get helpful advice for your trip down the Castle Road; includes information on the Palace of Heidelberg, the palace of Mannheim, the towns of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bayreuth, and Bamberg.
Oktoberfest Beer Tents
List of the best Oktoberfest beer tents, including reviews, contact information, and opening hours of Oktoberfest beer tents
Munich City Guide For Travelers
Munich Germany: Our Munich travel guide is great introduction to Munich; get Munich travel tips, from Munich hotels, Munich restaurants, Munich sights and attractions, to Munich transportation, Munich airports, and shopping in Munich. Plan your Munich travels with our complete Munich Guide.
Festivals in Germany in July
What German festivals and events are on in July? Find out what´s happening during your Germany vacation in July, and learn about dates and places of July events, holidays, and festivals.
Best Things to Do in Düsseldorf
The best things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany, from the Old Town and modern museums, to shopping on Düsseldorf's exclusive Königsallee.
The Castle of Heidelberg
Guide to Heidelberg Castle: Read all about the Heidelberg Castle, one of the best castles in Germany. Our Heidelberg Castle Guide includes helpful information for your visit to the Heidelberg castle, highlights of the Heidelberg castle, opening hours of the Heidelberg castle, and directions to Heidelberg.
2 Days in Düsseldorf
Find out how to spend 48 hours in Dusseldorf; day one of your Dusseldorf trip is dedicated to the Old Town, cozy restaurants and breweries.
Guide to the Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral Guide: The Cathedral of Cologne is one of Germany's most important architectural monuments. Get information about the Cathedral of Cologne and tips for your visit of the Cologne Cathedral; from opening hours, and admission to the Cologne Cathedral, to English tours of the Cologne Cathedral.
How to Get From Berlin to Leipzig
How to get from Berlin to Leipzig (or Leipzig to Berlin) by plane, train, car, or bus.
Berlin Germany Guide
Berlin Germany Guide: Our Berlin travel guide is a great introduction to Berlin, Germany, including Berlin hotels, Berlin restaurants, Berlin sights and attractions, Berlin transportation, Berlin nightlife, and shopping in Berlin. Plan your Berlin vacation with our complete Berlin Guide.
German Train Tickets and Special Offers
Budget train travel in Germany: Save money with discount train tickets. Check out these German discount train tickets and special offers and book online, at ticket vending machines in Germany, or at the ticket counters of the German National Railway, which are located in most German train stations.
Getting From Frankfurt to Cologne (Köln)...
How to get from Frankfurt to Cologne (Köln), or from Cologne to Frankfurt by plane, train, and car.
Germany in Winter
Planning to visit Germany in winter? Here’s what to except in Germany in winter (December - February), from winter sports, winter weather, winter festivals in the German holiday season, Christmas in Germany, and airfares to Germany.
Useful German Phrases
Useful German Phrases: Learn German Phrases for your Germany travels; our German-English glossary has easy and useful German phrases and words, helpful for any traveler. Learn the basics of German, including common German greetings phrases for small talk in German
Camping Sans Clothing - Stay at a Nude...
Information on the nude campground at Useriner Lake, in the East of Germany. The Campground offers nude and textile campsites and is located in the middle of a National Park. Get helpful travel information and tips for your stay at the campground and find out what to expect at a nude campground.
Munich For Free
Munich for free: Read about the best things to do in Munich for free. Munich offers many free attractions and activities for the budget traveler. This list of free Munich activities includes free landmarks, free Munich walking tours, Munich parks, free Munich outdoor markets, and Munich lakes.
Munich's Best Beer Gardens
List of Munich's best gardens; our list of the best beer gardens in Munich has addresses of beer gardens, links to beer gardens, and what beer you can enjoy there. The list of Munich's best beer gardens includes beer gardens in Munich's English Garden, a beer garden in the center of Munich's old town, and the largest beer garden in the world.
The Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate Berlin: Profile of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the national symbol of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate reflects the turbulent German history like no other landmark in Germany. Learn facts about the Brandenburg Gate, and get helpful tips for your Brandenburg Gate visit. The Brandenburg Gate, Brandenburger Tor, is the most visited monument in Germany.
Best Free Things to Do in Cologne
Cologne for free: There are many great things to do in Cologne for free - visit Cologne's best landmarks, sights, and attractions for free, like the Cathedral of Cologne, the historic Cologne City Hall, the traditional 4711 building; visit Colognes shopping street, the busiest shopping street in Europe, and celebrate the Cologne Carnival for free.
Hofbräuhaus in Munich - Restaurant Review
Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany: Information on the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. Read our Hofbräuhaus review and learn about Hofbräuhaus beer, Hofbräuhaus specialties, and traditional Oompah music. The Hofbräuhaus is an essential and fun part of Munich's history, culture and cuisine. Hofbräuhaus review includes address of Hofbräuhaus, opening hours of Hofbräuhaus, and prices of Hofbräuhaus.
Marienplatz - Munich's Most Famous Square
Munich's Marienplatz – Mary’s Square- is Munich's most famous square in the heart of the Old Town and the best place to start a Munich sightseeing tour. See photos of the best things to see and do at Munich's Marienplatz.
Budget Travel Tips For Germany
Budget Germany: Travel to Germany on a budget with our budget travel tips. Get discounts and save money in Germany, from bargain flights to Germany, and cheap hotels and hostels in Germany, to restaurants, public transportation, and sightseeing in German cities.
Memorial Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen
Visitor's tips for Sachsenhausen Memorial Site, a former concentration camp close to Berlin; including getting there, admission, tours, and Berlin travel tips. Page 3.
The Best Festivals in Germany
Best of Germany's festivals and events in 2011, including Oktoberfest, Carnival, and wine festivals, as well as art and music festivals in Germany. Get helpful tips and links to plan your Germany visit and find in-depth profiles of the best festivals in Germany.
Hamburg Travel Guide - Spend a Weekend in Hamburg
Hamburg Guide: Traveling to Hamburg and want some inspiration on what to do in Hamburg? Our Hamburg travel guide takes you to Hamburg's best attractions and sights in 48 hours. See the Hamburg harbor, the Hamburg piers, the red light district of Hamburg, great museums, restaurants, and bars i Hamburg
Black Forest - Photo Gallery
Black Forest Photos: See photos of the Black Forest in Germany and enjoy attractions of the Black Forest; rolling hills, old world towns, traditional wineries and vineyards, and lush forests. The Black Forest stretches from Baden Baden to the Swiss border in South and the French border in the West. Our Black Forest Photo Gallery shows you the region in all four seasons.
Best of Leipzig
Leipzig Travel Guide, with the best things to see and do in Leipzig, Germany.
Munich Day Trips
Best Munich day trips, from culture, and history, to cuisine and nature. Get ideas for Munich day trips and find travel tips to get around in Bavaria, Germany.
Romantic Getaways in Germany
Looking for a romantic getaway in Germany? Get inspired by these romantic places in Germany, from romantic castle hotels in Germany, to romantic scenic drives, and old-world towns. Find out how to spend a romantic vacation in Germany, for your honeymoon, on Valentine's Day, or any other day of the year.
The German Carnivals You Must Attend During...
Guide to carnival in Germany, including dates, carnival parades and carnival costume balls on Rose Monday and Shrove Tuesday. All about carnival, fasching in Germany, including when to celebrate carnival, where to see the carnival parades, and dates of carnival festivities in Germany.
Top 10 Museums in Berlin
Museums in Berlin: List of Berlin's best museums, from modern art museums, to historic museums in Berlin. Read reviews of Berlin museums and find helpful information for Berlin Museums, including Museum Island, Jewish Museum, New National Gallery, Museum of Photography, Bauhaus Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, and more Berlin museums.
Castle Hotel Colmberg - Hotel Review
Castle Hotels in Germany: Review of the German Castle Hotel Colmberg, close to the German Castle Road. Castle Hotel Colmberg is a medieval German castle, offering breathtaking views of Bavaria; it is a great choice for a romantic vacation. Review of the Castle Hotel Colmberg includes address, website, photos, and rates of Colmberg
Munich's Best Farmers Market - The Viktualienma...
Information on Munich's farmers market, the Viktualienmarkt, the oldest market in Munich. Find out what to buy at the Munich farmers market Viktualienmarkt, how to get there, opening hours of the market, and read about the beer garden of the farmers market in Munich.
Top Attractions in Heidelberg
Heidelberg: Check out the best things to do in Heidelberg, including the Heidelberg castle, Heidelberg's Old Town, and many more Heidelberg sights, attractions, and landmarks. Get travel information for Heidelberg attractions, like Heidelberg's Old Bridge, the Philospher's Walk, the Old University, and the surroundings of Heidelberg, Germany.
Best Berlin Day Trips
Get ideas for Berlin day trips; steal yourself away from Berlin and take a day trip to one of these destinations, all within 2 hours from Berlin; from wellness, and nature, to culture, and history.
Traveling to Germany with Kids
Traveling to Germany with kids? From German castles, and interactive museums, to the world’s largest water park, here's where to have fun in Germany with your kids.
The Best 5 Bars in Hamburg
Close to the nightlife mile and the red light district in Hamburg, there are many great bars, from elegant to trendy, and chic to casual.
The Best Christmas Markets in Germany
Best of Germany's Christmas markets, including Christmas markets in Munich, Dresden and Berlin, Germany.
Romantic Road in Germay - Photo Gallery
Romantic Road Photo Gallery: Photos of the Romantic Road in Germany, a beautiful scenic drive through Bavaria. Photos of the Romantic Road show medieval villages, palaces, historical castles, and churches. Includes Photos of Neuschwanstein, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and Dinkelsbühl.
Frankfurt International Airport Information
Flying to Frankfurt International Airport? Check out important Frankfurt Airport information here, including transportation to and from Frankfurt Airport, helpful phone numbers, links for arrivals and departures at Frankfurt Airport, airport hotels and rental car companies at Frankfurt International Airport.
Renting a Car in Germany
Tips for renting a car in Germany: Planning to rent car in Germany and drive the German Autobahn? Read our tips for renting cars in Germany; find out what drivers license you need for driving a rental car in Germany, when to reserve a rental car, what to ask the rental company, and compare prices for renting cars in Germany.
Best Munich Restaurants
Munich's best restaurants: Here's a look at some of Munich's best restaurants,including restaurants that will suit every budget and taste. Includes addresses and opening hours of Munich restaurants.
Germany's Best Beer Breweries
From traditional German breweries in old monasteries, to modern breweries, learn about German beer culture and beer history.
The German Wine Road - Vineyards, Wine...
German Wine Road: This Guide to the German Wine Road, Germany's oldest scenic drive, offers great travel tips for Germany's Wine Road; from highlights of the German Wine Road, to maps and photos of the route, this travel guide helps you plan your trip along Germany's wine road.
Berlin in Summer
Traveling to Berlin in summer? Here are the best things to do in Berlin in summer, from urban beaches, to parks, pools, and open-air cafes in Berlin.
How to Reserve a Table in a Oktoberfest Beer Tent
Step-by-step guide on how to reserve a table at Oktoberfest, including helpful information about Oktoberfest beer tents.
Finding the Best Döner in Berlin
Where to find the best Döner Kebab in Berlin, Germany.
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - The...
Information on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin's Holocaust Memorial. Get tips for your visit of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and information on opening hours, the museum, and tours of the Holocaust Memorial.
Rügen - Travel Guide to Germany's Largest...
Guide to Rügen, Germany's largest island; Rügen is famous for its elegant spas, nude beaches, historic seaside resorts, and snow-white chalk cliffs in Germany's Baltic Sea.
Frankfurt Travel Guide
Frankfurt travel: This Frankfurt travel guide is great introduction to Frankfurt; get Frankfurt travel tips, from Frankfurt hotels, Frankfurt attractions, and Frankfurt events, to Frankfurt transportation, Frankfurt International Airport, and shopping in Frankfurt. Plan your Frankfurt travel with this Frankfurt Guide.
Heidelberg City Guide for Travelers
Heidelberg Germany: Our Heidelberg travel guide offers Heidelberg travel tips, from Heidelberg hotels, Heidelberg sights and attractions like the Heidelberg castle, to Maps of Heidelberg and getting around in Heidelberg.
Hamburg Travel Guide
Hamburg Germany Guide: Our Hamburg travel guide is a great introduction to Hamburg, Germany and has helpful Hamburg travel tips; from Hamburg weather, Hamburg restaurants, Hamburg sights and attractions, to Hamburg transportation, Hamburg nightlife, and shopping in Hamburg. Plan your Hamburg vacation with our complete Hamburg Guide.
Hamburg's Fish Market
Profile of Hamburg's fish market (Fischmarkt)at Hamburg's harbor, a must-see for every Hamburg traveler.
Toys Made in Germany
Find the best toys made in Germany (and order them online), from German dolls, and Haba wooden toys made in Germany, to Playmobil figurines, Steiff plush animals, and Ravensburger puzzles.
Berlin's Best Flea Markets
Best of Berlin's flea markets, where you can shop for vintage, antiques and art in Berlin, Germany.
Money and Currency in Germany - ATMs, Credit...
Money Travel Tips for Germany: Find out about money and currency in Germany, from German ATMs and banks, what credit cards are accepted, where to exchange money and traveler checks, and what the current exchange rate is for the Euro.
Visit the Nude FKK Sommerbad in Hamburg
The all-nude FKK Sommerbad in Hamburg is a natural lake dedicated to naturists and nudists, who like to swim and sunbathe naked. Find out what to expect at a nude beach, and get helpful tips for your visit; from opening hours, and address of the nude FKK Sommerbad in Hamburg, to rules and etiquette at a nude beach in Germany.
Carnival of Cultures - Berlin Celebrates its...
Information on 2013 Carnival of Cultures in Berlin, a summer carnival festival that celebrates the multicultural spirit of Berlin.
Trier - Visit the Oldest City in Germany
Trier Travel Guide: Travel Guide to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Learn about Triers historical sites and Roman landmarks; the Roman Porta Nigra in Trier, the Roman Imperial Baths, the Cathedral of Trier, and many more landmarks and historic monuments. Get helpful information and travel tips for your Trier visit, and find out, how to get there, and where to stay in Trier.
Munich City Tour Card - Ticket to Discounts in...
Munich City Tour Card: Information about the Munich City Tour Card, a ticket to Munich's public transportation which also offers discounts on Munich attractions, Munich restaurants, and Munich museums. Find out where to get the Munich City Tour Card, what options you have, and how it works.
Best Museums in Hamburg
List of the best Hamburg museums, from art and design, to history.
Wannsee Lake in Berlin
Visitor's guide to Berlin's lake Wannsee, including how to get there, what to do there, address, and Berlin travel tips.
Museum Island Berlin
Museum Island Berlin: Photos of Museum Island Berlin and information about the five museums on Museum Island: Pergamon Museum, Old Museum, New Museum, Bode Museum, and Old National Gallery, including opening hours, admission, and getting to Museum Island in Berlin.
How much tip do you give in a German restaurant?
How much tip do you give in German restaurants? Find out how much and how to tip in Germany and get helpful tips for dining out in German restaurants.
Cologne Travel Guide
Cologne Germany: Our Cologne travel guide is great introduction to Cologne; get Cologne travel tips, from Cologne hotels, Cologne restaurants, Cologne sights, to Cologne transportation, Cologne airports, and shopping in Cologne. Plan your Cologne travels with our complete Cologne Guide.
Traveling the South of Germany
Traveling to the south of Germany? List of the the most popular cities, sights, and travel destinations in the south of Germany.
Tips for Your Oktoberfest Visit
Plan your Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, with these helpful tips; from Oktoberfest events and beer tents, and the history of Oktoberfest, to visitor's information for families.
A Rainy Day in Berlin
What to do on a rainy day in Berlin? Plenty! From museum, to tearooms and indoor pools, here's what to do on rainy day in Berlin.
German Wine Festivals
List of German wine festivals: Germany celebrates over 1000 wine festivals every year, from the largest wine festival in the world, to local wine fairs in small villages. Find out when and where some of the best German wine festivals and wine fairs take place.
East Side Gallery - The Berlin Wall is a Piece...
East Side Gallery: Guide to the Berlin East Side Gallery, an open-air gallery on a section of the Berlin Wall. The East Side Gallery is covered with paintings of international artists. Read interesting historic facts about the East Side Gallery and get tips for your visit of the East Side Gallery in Berlin.
The Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle: Guide to the Eltz Castle in Germany; read fascinating facts about the German Eltz Castle that is still an insider tip. Get helpful information for your visit to the Eltz Castle, from opening hours and addresses, to tours and prices.
Tropical Islands
Traveling to Germany with kids? Take the to Tropical Islands near Berlin, the world's largest indoor water park. Page 8.
Munich's Church of Our Lady
Munich's Church of Our Lady: Information about the Munich landmark Church of Our Lady, Frauenkirche; from services at Church of Our Lady, to concerts, getting there, and Munich travel tips.
Find out what makes Bamberg the "Franconian...
Located over seven hills like another famous city, this Bavarian town is nicknamed the "Franconian Rome".
Best Guided Tours of Munich
List of the best guided tours in Munich; including walking tours in Munich and guided tours by bus, bike, and segway.
German For Travelers: Useful German for Dining...
Learn useful German for dining out: Our German-English phrasebook offers easy and useful German for dining out in German restaurants, helpful for any Germany traveler. The English-German phrasebook includes common German phrases you can use in a restaurant like asking for the menu, ordering, and asking for the check in German.
Festivals in Germany in August
What German festivals and events are on in August? Find out what´s happening during your Germany vacation in August, and learn about dates and places of August events, holidays, and festivals.
Traveling to Hamburg with Kids
Traveling to Hamburg with the kids? Here are travel ideas, sights, and attractions that make the whole family happy.
The Best Underrated Cities in Germany
Best underrated German cities that you probably don't plan to visit - but should!
Germany's Grand Churches
Germany's churches and cathedrals are among the most spectacular sights Germany has to offer. Whether you make a spiritual pilgrimage or want to enjoy their majestic architecture, here the best churches in Germany worth visiting; includes links and guides to Germany's best churches and cathedrals.
Germany's Best Festivals in Summer
Best of Germany's summer festivals, including music festivals in Germany, colorful street festivals, and art festivals in Germany in summer.
Reichstag in Berlin - Visitor's Guide
Reichstag Berlin: Guide to the Berlin Reichstag with helpful information for visitors; including best time to visit the Berlin Reichstag, Reichstag opening hours, Reichstag address, and information on the Reichstag restaurant.
The Best Museums in Munich
Collection of the best museums in Munich, Germany, from art to history.
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. Page 3.
Easter Services in Germany
Easter Services in Germany: Spending Easter in Germany? Visit an Easter Service in one of Germany's best churches and cathedrals. Find out when and where to attend a traditional Easter service in Germany; including services in the Cologne Cathedral, the Munich and Dresden Church of Our Lady, and the Berlin Cathedral.
Germany's Rhine - A Drive Along the Upper...
Guide to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Get Your Dirndl on in Munich
Dirndl Shopping in Munich: Have a look at these Munich shops Munich to go shopping for your Oktoberfest Dirndl, the traditional Bavarian costume. Get helpful information for Dirndl shopping, including addresses of Munich shops, prices of Dirndls, and opening hours.
Bavarian Countryside
The Romantic Road in Germany, a scenic route, takes you to beautiful Bavarian scenery. Drive through lush farmland, rolling hills, and evergreen forests, until you reach the majestic Alps. . Page 6.
The Main Tower in Frankfurt
Visitor's information to Frankfurt's Main Tower, Frankfurt's only skyscraper that's open to the public; the Main Tower's restaurant and viewing platform offer the best views of the city.
The Best Restaurants in Hamburg
List of the best Hamburg restaurants, from gourmet dining, and local specialties, to the freshest seafood in Hamburg.
Hotel Hetzelhof
Germany Travel. Page 5.
Festivals and Events in Germany in March
Germany in March 2013: What German festivals and events take place in March? Find out what´s on during your Germany travels in March,including dates and places of March events and festivals.
German For Travelers: Useful German Phrases for...
German for Train Travel: Learn useful German phrases for train travel. Our German travel glossary offers useful German phrases related to train travel in Germany; learn how to book your train tickets in German, and learn useful German phrases you can use on a train or in a train station. Includes German pronounciation.

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