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Germany's Best Hotels - at the Best Price

Top Hotels in Germany Under 100 Euros


Are you looking for cheap hotels in Germany but don't want to compromise on cleanliness, service, location and style? Look no further - I have compiled a list of the best hotels in Germany for the best price, all offering rooms under 100 Euros a night. Among these great value hotels are art hotels, design motels and cozy family run hotels, all without a hefty room rate. So you have more to spend on beer and brats.

If these budget hotels in Germany are out of your price range, check out Best Hostels in Germany, which also offer private rooms.

1. Cheap Hotels in Berlin

Berlin is home to some of the best hotels in Germany, and many of them offer suprisingly cheap rooms. Here are the best Berlin hotels - including award winning design and art hotels, with style, great service, and an excellent location to explore the German capital.

Great Hotels in Berlin Under 100 Euros a Night

2. Cheap Hotels in Munich

Whether you visit Munich for  Oktoberfest or for its beautiful Old Town, you'll find  many hotel gems that are easy on the wallet and won't disappoint when it comes to location, service, and Bavarian atmosphere. All of these great value hotels offer rooms under 100 Euros a night.

Great Hotels in Munich Under 100 Euros a Night

3. Cheap Hotels in Hamburg

Hamburg is known for its luxurious shopping streets, elegant hotels, and excellent restaurants – but the city also offers plenty of options for the budget-wise traveler. Here are the best cheap hotels and guesthouses that will help you stretch your Dollar further.

Great Hotels in Hamburg Under 100 Euros a Night

4. Cheap Hotels in Frankfurt

Whether you have a short layover or want to spend some more time in Frankfurt, here is a selection of great budget hotels - and the price is the only thing that's cheap. 

Great Hotels in Frankfurt Under 100 Euros a Night

5. Cheap Hotels in Cologne

Stay in Cologne without breaking the bank - and without sacrifing location, style, or service. From art hotels, and design motels, to cozy family run hotels, these lodging options are a great starting point to explore Cologne.

Great Hotels in Cologne Under 100 Euros a Night

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