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The Best Castle Hotels in Germany

Your Hotel is Your Castle - Royal Accommodation in Germany


The landscape of Germany is graced by more than 20,000 castles and palaces. Some are in ruins, but many castles are picture perfect and home to interesting museums and restaurants. But did you know that you can live your own fairy tale by spending the night in a medieval German castle?

Many German castles have been turned into castle hotels, offering a unique experience for couples and families alike. And the best: It doesn't cost a king's ransom to stay at one of Germany's castle hotels.

Travel back in time with my top-picks of the best castle hotels in Germany, and then go ahead and say: My hotel is my castle.

1. Castle Hotel Colmberg

Castle Hotel Colmberg
Familie Unbehauen

Set in Bavaria, the thousand-year old Castle Colmberg is a destination on both the Romantic Road and the Castle Road. This hotel has it all: ancient stone towers, fortified walls, overgrown royal stables, and a deer reserve. Ask for one of the historic rooms that have four-poster beds, centuries-old paintings, antique furniture, and wooden ceilings.
Rooms start at 75 Euros.

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2. Castle Hotel Hugenpoet

Castle Hotel Hugenpoet

The 5-star Hotel Hugenpoet, located close to the city of Düsseldorf, is an elegant chateau that was built in the 17th century. It lies in the midst of a lush park and pampers you with spa facilities, a historical poolroom, a library and a gourmet restaurant that serves organic country style cuisine.
The hotel rooms feature a mix of antique furniture and exclusive designer pieces; stay in an elegant split-level tower suite or even in your own villa on the castle grounds.
Rooms start at 225 Euros.

3. Castle Sababurg

Castle Hotel Sababurg
Public Domain Image Wikimedia Commons

Castle Sababurg was the setting for the legend of Sleeping Beauty, who was said to have slept here for 100 years before a kiss saved her. You too can fall into a deep slumber here: The 650-year old castle is now home to a romantic hotel, surrounded by an idyllic park with tall ferns and ancient oak trees. In summer, you can enjoy theater performances in the castle’s courtyard.

If you want to meet more fairy tale characters of the Brother’s Grimm, hop in the car and follow the German Fairy Tale Road, which leads past Castle Sababurg.

4. Castle Hotel Auf Schönburg

Castle Hotel Schoenburg

Perched on a hill, the impressive Castle Auf Schönburg is located in the picturesque landscape of the Middle Rhine Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Castle Auf Schönburg has a library, a romantic restaurant by candle light, and two terraces looking out onto vineyard-covered hills. One of their best hotel rooms is the tower room; its wooden balcony sits high up above the Rhine, like a bird’s nest on the castle’s stone tower.
Rooms start at 95 Euros.

5. Castle Hotel Liebenstein

Castle Hotel Burg Liebenstein

The family-run Castle Hotel Liebenstein sits high on a cliff above the River Rhine. The hotel rooms, which have canopy beds and fireplaces, offer commanding vistas of the river valley and the hills beyond. Some windows even open onto the ruins of the neighboring castle, which used to be the seat of the Liebenstein family. Rumor has it that the castle hotel was built for the younger of the two brothers whose feud over a woman split the family line forever.
From the hotel, it is only a short walk down to the river pier where Rhine cruises depart daily.
Rooms start at 105 Euros.

6. Castle Hostel Stahleck

Castle Stahleck
Paolo Gori www.burde.it

Even the budget-wise traveler can afford a royal accommodation in Germany: Castle Stahleck has been converted into a hostel, and although its simple and newly renovated rooms lack any medieval charm, the views from up there are breathtaking. A restaurant with hearty regional fare and good German wines is on site.
You can choose between dorms and private rooms, and the rates are unbeatable: Dorms start at 17 Euros.

Have a look at the Castle Hotel Photo Gallery and get a sneak peek of the hotel rooms.


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