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Unique Hotels in Germany

Make the Hotel Your Destination


Some hotels are more than just a comfortable room and continental breakfast. On the water, in a tree, under the stars, or on top of the country's highest peak - these German hotels offer a truly unique hotel experience that you'll love to tell your friends about.

Adventurers, romantics, travelers on a shoestring, and families with kids – take your pick from one of these unusual hotels in Germany.

1. Igloo Village on the Zugspitze

Ice Hotel Zugspitze
Photo: ©www.iglu-dorf.com

On top of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, adventurous travelers can bundle up in an ice hotel that offers breathtaking views of Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. You can share an igloo, created of snow, ice and sheepskin, with other travelers or cuddle up in a “romantic suite”, which has a private bathroom and a sleeping bag for two. Temperatures are freezing, but the cheese fondue, a drink at the ice bar, and snowshoe hikes will warm your heart.

  • Dorms (with up to 6 people) start at 99 Euros per person, a suite for two starts at 166 Euros per person
  • Open December – April

2. Castle Hotel Colmberg

Castle Hotel Colmberg

Germany is the land of castles, and there are many medieval fortresses and elegant palaces where you can spend the night. Castle Hotel Colmberg, located in Bavaria, is thousand years old and features ancient stone towers, fortified walls, overgrown royal stables, and a deer reserve. Ask for one of the historic rooms, which offer romantic four-poster beds, centuries-old paintings, antique furniture, and wooden ceilings.

3. Tree House Hotel

Tree House Hotel Germany
Copyright: Kulturinsel Einsiedel

Child-hood dreams come true in this family-friendly tree house hotel, located in a National Park close to Goerlitz in eastern Germany: You can choose between 8 unique tree houses, which float 30 feet high up in the tree tops. Every tree house is individually designed, and kids will love the irregularly shaped windows, colorful wall paintings, rustic furniture, and the trolls and tree fairies that help tell the story of this fun hotel.

  • Tree house for 4 persons around 200 Euros per night

4. Open-Air Hotel "Ein Bett im Kornfeld"

Open-Air Hotel Germany
Copyright: Bett im Kornfeld

This budget-friendly hotel has a millions stars: Hit the hay in the middle of a wheat field in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria. For two weeks in summer, Germany’s only open-air hotel offers its visitors hay bail beds, a rustic outdoor shower, and fun activities like a corn maize and nightly campfires. The hearty breakfast the next morning comes with homemade jams and granola, fresh fruit, and a variety of German breads.

  • Adults 7 Euros, Children 3 Euros (Bring your own sleeping bag, towels, and blanket)
  • Open July – August


5. Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat

Boat Hostel Berlin
Copyright: Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat

This boat turned hostel on the river Spree in Berlin gently rocks you to sleep: Moored close to Kreuzberg, the Eastern Comfort Hostel has 25 cabins on three decks; stay in a 2nd class dorm, or opt for a private room 1st class. Although the rooms are a bit small, the unique atmosphere (including the portholes) makes up for it. The three terraces of the hostel boat offer great views of the river, the East Side Gallery, and the turreted Oberbaum-Bridge nearby.

  • Dorms start at 16 Euros, private rooms at 50 Euros.

6. Hotel Alcatraz

Prison Hotel Germany
Copyright: Hotel Alcatraz

Turn yourself in and spend the night in a former prison; located in Kaiserslautern, in the southwest of Germany, Hotel Alcatraz offers original prison cells, which are spartanly furnished with bed, table, chair, and black and white striped curtains. Of course, there are also bars in front of the window and a spy hole in the door.  If that sounds too rough for you, opt for a suite, where you can lounge on a sofa in front of a flat screen TV. You can leave this prison hotel any time you like to take a walk in the neighboring Japanese Garden.

  •  Double Rooms start at 69 Euros (high speed Internet and breakfast buffet included)

7. Lighthouse Usedom

This 70-year old lighthouse in Usedom, 2 hours north of Berlin, has been transformed into a romantic getaway, just for the two of you; on three levels, this mini-hotel is all yours, so you can fully enjoy the light, airy rooms. Ceilings are 24 feet high and the contemporary design has an original twist: Everything here is round, from the wooden Jacuzzi, and the white bed, to the balcony that encircles the upper level of the lighthouse.

  • Lighthouse for 2 people, 250 Euros a night (includes full breakfast and mini bar filled with champagne, wine, and soft drinks)
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