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Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa - Review

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The Bottom Line

The Hotel Esplanade in Bad Saarow prides itself with having lots of prominent guests; indeed, Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel likes to relax in the Esplanade Resort, which is situated at a beautiful lake in Brandenburg.

The Hotel Esplanade is well-known for its state of the art wellness and spa facilities, but there is one big draw back: Smoking.


  • Located directly at a lake, offering sweeping views of the water
  • Delicious and healthy breakfast buffet
  • Great wellness facilities, open until 10 a.m.
  • Friendly, English-speaking staff


  • Smoking allowed in many hotel areas, and partly allowed in spa facilities
  • Parking costs extra (6,50 Euro per day)
  • English website doesn't work


  • Address: Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa Seestraße 49 15526 Bad Saarow
  • E-Mail: info@esplanade-resort.de
  • Prices (include breakfast): Single rooms: 86-156 Euro, double rooms: 140-200 Euro, suites: 200-400 Euro
  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Visit the Website of Hotel Esplanade (in German)

Guide Review - Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa - Review

The Hotel Esplanade is one of Germany's biggest wellness hotels; it boasts 370 rooms and suites, an indoor and outdoor spa, two restaurants, a bar, and a salon.

Situated at the lake "Scharmützelsee" in the heart of Brandenburg, its beautiful location is one of the best things about the Esplanade. Step out of the hotel and you'll find yourself on a peaceful lakeside promenade, close to a small beach and serene nature walks.

A great way to start your day is with breakfast on the open-air terrace, taking in the peaceful view of the lake and its surroundings.
The extensive breakfast buffet is open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., offering delicious and healthy choices: I loved the different kinds of sprouts, fresh cottage cheese, poached salmon, dark breads, and fresh fruit juices.

The wellness facilities of Esplanade are state of the art and well designed. You can choose between an inside and an outside pool; the latter one is filled with warm, natural "Sole"-water, a rich concentration of magnesium and crystal salts, that is soothing for skin and nerves (open year-round).

The Hotel Esplanade offers everything from traditional Scandinavian sauna, light therapy showers, and whirlpools, to steam rooms, cold plunges, and an ice fountain (all co-ed). In addition, you can pamper yourself with beauty treatments and massages.

While the spa facilities are definitely worth their money, there is one big draw back:
In the open-air relaxing area, right in front of the sauna cabins, smoking is allowed. While we were lucky and nobody was smoking when we were there, we had to remove a smelly ashtray that was placed right next to our seats.
Returning to our room from the wellness area, we had to walk through a big wall of smoke – smoking is also allowed in the hotel lobby, which is clearly a big downer for a wellness resort.

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