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Hotels and Accommodation in Germany

Looking for a great hotel in Germany? Check out our guide to find a hotel in Germany; from budget hotels in Munich, to mid-range hotels in Berlin and 5-star hotels in the Black Forest, there are lots of great hotels in Germany, no matter what your budget is.
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  2. Hotels in Berlin (7)
  3. Hotels in Munich (7)

Germany's Best Hotels - Under 100 Euros
List of the best cheap hotels in Germany for under 100 euros a night, including inexpensive finds in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne, Germany.

Best Hotels in Berlin
Best hotels in Berlinn, from 5-star hotels to no-frills hostels - and everything in between.

Unusual Hotels in Germany
Make the hotel your destination - on the water, in a tree, under the stars, or on top of the country's highest peak.

Luxury Hotels in Germany
Money is no object? The best 5 star hotels in Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg.

Hotels in Hamburg
From budget-friendly hostels to 5-star hotels in Hamburg - and everything in between.

Hotels in Munich
From budget-friendly hostels to 5-star hotels, here is an overview of the best hotels in Munich.

The Best Castle Hotels in Germany
List of the best castle hotels in Germany, including photos, reviews, and links.

What do Hotel Stars Really Mean?
Find out how to read Germany's hotel rating system, from one to five stars.

Top 10 Hotels in Berlin
List of the 10 best hotels in Berlin, from charming 1-star guesthouses, to luxurious 5-star hotels.

Best Hotels in Frankfurt Under 100 Euros
Best cheap hotels in Frankfurt with great service, location, and style.

Top Hotels in Hamburg - Under 100 Euros
Hamburg's 5 best hotels under 100 Euros, including reviews, rates, and links.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Hamburg
Best 5-star hotels in Hamburg, from design hotels, to restrained elegance.

The Best Hotels in Dresden
Luxury hotels, budget-friendly motels, and design hotels - find the best places to stay in Dresden

Best Hotels in Cologne Under 100 Euros
Here are the best places to stay in Cologne under 100 Euros, from art hotels to design motels.

Hotels in Heidelberg
Selection of great hotels in Heidelberg, from historic hotels in Heidelberg’s Old Town, to budget-friendly bed and breakfasts in the tranquil outskirts of Heidelberg.

Review of the Holiday Inn Düsseldorf City Centre-Königsalle
Review of the Holiday Inn in Düsseldorf's city center.

Motel One Review - Low Prices Meet High Design
Motel One is a budget motel chain in Germany that offers great design for low prices - in 13 cities in Germany.

Go Natural - Stay at a Nude Campground
Information on the nudist campground at Useriner Lake, in the East of Germany. Find out what to expect at a nude campground.

Review of the Statthaus Cologne - Apartments/Vacation Rentals
The Statthaus offers rental apartments in a former monastery in the heart of Cologne. Charming, unique and cheap!

Benen-Diken-Hof - Hotel Review
The Benen-Diken-Hof in Sylt is an exclusive, family-run hotel that offers wellness, excellent service, and exquisite cuisine; our hotel review includes prices, address, and helpful links.

Inn "Landgasthof zum Weissen Schwanen Braubach" - Review
Review of the Inn "Landgasthof zum Weissen Schwanen", located in Braubach in the Upper Middle Rhine River Valley in Rhineland Palatinate.

Hotel Fürstenhof Leipzig
I stayed at Leipzig;s oldest 5-star luxury hotel, the Fuerstenhof - here is my review.

Castle Hotel Colmberg - Hotel Review
Can it get more romantic than spending the night in a 1000 year old German castle? Read our hotel review about the medieval Castle Hotel Colmberg in Bavaria.

Find Cheap Hotels in Germany
Looking for a place to stay in Germany? Use this website to find great deals and to compare prices for German hotels.

Best Spas and Resorts in Germany
Take some time out and recharge your battery in a German spa. This page tells you all about the best spas and wellnes hotels in Germany.

Brewery Guest Houses and Hotels in Bavaria
Some breweries in Germany have a guesthouse or an adjacent hotel; this website lists some of the best brewery hotels in Bavaria.

The Best Hostels in Berlin
List of the best hostels in Berlin; all recommended hostels feature dorms, as well as private rooms, rental apartments, and a unique atmosphere.

Hostels in Frankfurts
Hostels in Frankfurt are a great option if you travel on a shoestring budget - and you don’t always have to share a room with strangers.

Cologne's Best Hostels

Cologne hostels in are not only for backpackers, and gone are the days of dingy community kitchens. Check out the best Cologne's hostels, including links and reviews.

Best Hotels in Berlin Under 100 Euros
Looking for a hotel in Berlin with style but without the hefty room rate? Here are some of the best cheap hotels in Berlin under 100 Euros.

Hostels in Germany
Hostels in Germany are a great alternative to German hotels if you travel on a budget; here is our round-up of the best hostels in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and other German cities.

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