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Germany in Summer


Summer tourists walk among houses built after World War II in Helgoland town on August 3, 2013 on Heligoland Island, Germany.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Germany in Summer - What to Expect:

Summer is the peak time of the travel season in Germany: Enjoy warm temperatures, long and sunny days, colorful open-air festivals, and many outdoor activities. Here’s what to expect from summer (June - August) in Germany, from weather, and airfares, to festivals, and events in Germany.

Airfares and Hotel Rates in Summer:

Summer is not only the height of Germany's travel season, it is also one of the most expensive times to visit. Between June and August, prices for airfares and hotels are high and won’t go down until September. Book your flight as early as possible and your accommodation at least a few months in advance to find reasonable rates.

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Germany in Summer - Weather:

In summer, you can enjoy long, sunny days, with temperatures often ranging between 71° and 80° F. But the summer months are also the time when precipitation in Germany is high, so bring your umbrella.

It is usually warmest in the south of Germany, and the Palatinate wine region in the Southwest is even blessed with a Mediterranean climate; exotic fruits like figs, lemons, and kiwis are cultivated here – a rarity for Germany.

Average temperatures...
  • in June: Average low 51° F, Average high 72° F
  • in July: Average low 54° F, Average high 76° F
  • in August: Average low 55° F, Average high 76° F

Germany in Summer - Events and Festivals:

In the summer months, Germany’s festival season is in full swing, and you can catch some of the best German events and festivals. With many festivities al fresco, you can fully enjoy Germany's warm temperatures.

Between July and August, almost every German city organizes a city festival ("Stadtfest"). Locals of all ages enjoy open-air concerts, fun rides, fire works, and lots of food and drink in the heart of their city. It is a great experience for travelers to take part in these (free) festivities and to soak up some local flavor.

Summer Highlights in Germany:

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