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Exploring Germany by Berlin Linien Bus


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Traveling on a bus is a great way to get around in Germany, and one of the best German bus companies is Berlin Linien Bus. Its buses are cheap, comfortable, environmentally friendly and a good option besides train travel or driving in Germany .

In addition, Berlin Linien Bus has a very extensive network in Germany and Europe and offers great deals for city hoppers - with bus tickets as cheap as 9 Euros!

Berlin Linien Bus Routes and Destinations:

Berlin Linien Bus departs several times a day, from all over the country. The buses connect 350 destinations in Germany and Europe, from hot spots like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf, to lesser known towns and cities.

International destinations include Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Moscow, and Warsaw.

Berlin Linien Bus Ticket Prices:

Berlin Linien Bus offers fantastic prices that can easily compete with German train tickets. You can purchase one-way or round-trip bus tickets.

A one-way bus ticket from Berlin to Munich, for example, will only cost you between 33 and 47 Euros (travel time 9 hours). They also have lots of special offers: for example, when I recently checked their website, they had a sale on bus tickets to Dresden for only 9 Euros.

Berlin Linien Bus Quality:

The Berlin Linien Buses are well-equipped with air-conditioning, toilets, a board kitchen, and sleeper seats. When I took a bus from Berlin to Hamburg, the coach was modern, clean, and arrived on time.

How to Get Berlin Linien Bus Tickets:

Get bus tickets for Berlin Linien Bus in German travel agencies, or order them online.

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