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What to Do in Germany


Traveling to Germany and want advice what to see and do? Get some inspiration here! From historic landmarks and medieval castles, to pristine scenery, colorful festivals, and fabulous food, there is a lot to enjoy in Germany. Whether this is your first trip or you are seasoned Germany traveler.
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Sights and Attractions

New Townhall of Munich, Germany

Enjoy Germany's rich history and culture and visit its many impressive sights and monuments. Have a look at our top picks:

Castles and Palaces

Neuschwanstein fairy tale castle

Did you know that there are more than 25,000 castles and palaces in Germany? Here are the ones you shouldn’t miss:


shopping street Cologne

Shop 'til you drop in Germany: Here are the best shopping streets in Germany; just remember that shops close around 6 or 7 p.m. and are usually not open on Sundays. Happy hunting!


Bode Museum Berlin

Treat yourself to a day of culture in Germany; here are the best museums in Germany, from art and history, to culinary and culture.

Events Month by Month

Carnival in Germany

There's no better way to get to know a country than by taking parts in its festivals. Find out what's happening during your vacation in Germany, month by month:

Dining Out

Rive Restaurant Hamburg

Germany is famous for its traditional and hearty food, but it isn't all just Bratwurst and beer. Read on, there is something for every taste.

Road Trips

Vineyards, Bavaria

Make the journey your reward and follow a scenic route through Germany; you can encounter fairy tale characters, marvel at romantic palaces, and enjoy plenty of unspoiled nature. Here are the roads best traveled in Germany.

Historical Sites

Porta Nigra Gate, Trier

From the ancient city gates of Roman times to the monument of the Berlin Wall, there are many historical sites to explore in Germany. Start your journey through Germany's past here:

Walking Tours/ Itineraries

Unter den Linden Boulevard, Berlin

Discover the cities of Germany: This section offers walking tours and itineraries for German cities that will guide you to the best attractions and sights in no time.

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