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The Best of Germany


Deciding what to see and do on your Germany vacation might seem overwhelming. There are many highlights, so where to start? Right here - plan your vacation with our recommendations for the best of Germany. In this section, expect no less than Germany's best attractions, destinations, sights, restaurants, scenic drives, shopping, and more.
  1. Best Sights and Attractions
  2. Best Free Things to Do
  3. Best Festivals
  4. Best Scenic Drives
  1. Best Bars and Clubs
  2. Best Things to Do With Kids
  3. Best Shopping

Best Sights and Attractions

Neuschwanstein fairy tale castle

Here are our top picks of sights and attractions in Germany that no traveler should miss.

Best Free Things to Do

Cologne Cathedral and Skyline

Traveling on a budget in Germany? Don't worry, you won't miss out on anything; here are the best free things to do on your vacation, including many famous landmarks, sights, and attractions in Germany.

Best Festivals

Oktoberfest Munich

There's no better way to get to know a country than by taking parts in its festivals. Here are the highlights on the German festival calendar:

Best Scenic Drives

Vineyards, Bavaria

Germany offers many beautiful scenic drives. Our top picks lead you through great scenery and you'll find impressive sights and monuments along the way.

Best Bars and Clubs

DJ spinning in a Berlin club

If you are a night owl, Germany is the perfect place for you. Many German clubs and bars don't close until dawn, and having a great night out doesn't break the bank either.

Best Things to Do With Kids

Bremen Town Musicians

Traveling with kids to Germany? You will find plenty of family-friendly attracions that your Kinder will love; here are some of the highlights for kids and the young at heart in Germany:

Best Shopping

shopping street Cologne

Shop 'til you drop in Germany: Here are the best shopping streets in Germany; just remember that shops close around 6 or 7 p.m. and are usually not open on Sundays. Happy hunting!

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