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Germany's Best Scenic Drives

The Roads Best Traveled in Germany


Do you like road trips? Then hop in the car and make the journey your reward: Germany offers many scenic drives and themed roads that will lead you past quaint villages, medieval castles, and unspoiled countryside.
From the Romantic Road, and the Castle Road, to the Fairy Tale Road, and the Wine Route, here are the roads best traveled in Germany.

1. Germany's Romantic Road

Neuschwanstein Castle

Follow your heart and the Romantic Road, a 261 mile long drive through Bavaria; it leads you from the Franconia wine country to the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein in the foothills of the German Alps.
Along the way, you can enjoy the Bavarian countryside, which is dotted with picturesque towns, half-timbered houses, hidden monasteries, and romantic hotels.

Guide to the Romantic Road
Photos of the Romantic Road

2. The German Castle Road

The Castle of Heidelberg
Peter Adams/ Getty Images

Travel back in time as you take a ride on Germany's Castle Road. The route is lined with more than 70 castles and palaces, and you 'll find everything from romantic ruins, to picture perfect castle museums, and even castle hotels.
The Castle Road, which is over 625 miles long, starts in Mannheim and leads you all the way to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Guide to the Castle Road

3. The German Fairy Tale Road

Bremen Town Musicians
Guilherme Kujawski

Explore the country of the Brothers Grimm along the Fairy Tale Road, which connects the towns and landscapes that were the inspiration for their most famous fairy tales; hike in Little Red Riding Hood's forest, visit the castle of Sleeping Beauty, and climb up the tower from where Rapunzel let down her hair.
Almost all the towns along the Fairy Tale Road offer family-friendly activities, such as puppet shows, parades, concerts, and lovely statues of your favorite fairy tale characters.

Guide to the Fairy Tale Road

4. The German Wine Road

Neustadt at the German Wine Road
GNTB/Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße Tourist, Kongress- und Saalbau

The German wine road in Rhineland Palatinate is the country’s oldest scenic drive. Starting in the southwest of Germany, the 50 miles long route snakes through Germany’s second largest wine growing region all the way to the French border. Enjoy Palatinate's 1000-year old viniculture in quaint wine villages, old-world restaurants, colorful vineyards, and at local harvest festivals.

Guide to the German Wine Road
Photos of the German Wine Road

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