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Tropical Islands

The World's Largest Indoor Water Park


Tropical Island Germany
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Germany is proud to be home to the largest indoor water park in the world: Tropical Islands near Berlin is housed in dome that was originally built as an airship hangar. The water park’s dimensions are gigantic: With the size of eight football fields, it is big enough to fit in the Statue of Liberty standing up, and the Eiffel Tower lying on its side.

The indoor water park has tropical temperatures year-round and offers many fun areas to explore for the whole family:

  • The world’s biggest indoor rainforest (you can even take a guided tour through the rainforest)
  • Europe’s largest tropical spa and sauna complex (including steam baths, dry saunas, therapeutic baths, radiant heat rooms. massages, fitness room)
  • A "Tropical Sea" with a 650 feet long sandy beach
  • Various lagoons
  • "Tropical Village" with authentic buildings from Bali, Borneo, Thailand and Samoa.
  • Kid’s club with organized activities (treasure hunts, games etc)
  • Germany’s tallest water-slide tower
  • 13 different restaurants and bars offering international food and drinks
  • Shopping boulevard with Tattoo Parlor and a Hair & Beauty Salon

Sounds like a lot to fit into one day? Don’t worry, you can also spend the night here; Tropical Island offers tents, lodges, and furnished apartments, and you can even sleep on one of the sandy beaches right by the water.


If you buy tickets at the door, admission to the Tropical World or the Tropical Sauna & Spa complex is € 28.50 for adults and € 23.00 for children age 4-14. A Kombi-Ticket is valid for both areas and costs € 34.50 for adults and € 23.00 for children. If you want to spend at Tropical Islands, you have to pay an overnight charge of € 15.00 per person and night. For more information on prices and tickets, please consult the official Website of Tropical Islands.


Tropical Islands is located 40 miles south of Berlin and 60 miles north of Dresden.

Tropical-Islands-Allee 1
15910 Krausnick Germany
Phone: 035477 60-5050
Website Tropical Islands

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