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Traveling to Germany with Kids

Where to Have Fun with the Whole Family


If you are traveling to Germany with your kids, the whole family is in for a treat. Much of what you’ll see seems to come straight out of a storybook - castles and palaces, medieval towns, parks and gardens. After all, Germany is the home of the Brother’s Grimm and their fairy tales. From enchanting castles, and fun museums, to the world’s largest water park, here’s how to make the most out of your family vacation and have a great time with the kids in Germany.
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Neuschwanstein fairy tale castleNeuschwanstein CastleVW Factory GermanyGerman Factory Tours for KidsDeutsches Museum - German Museum MunichDeutsches Museum - German Museum MunichCastle of HeidelbergGermany's Castle Road
Bremen Town MusiciansGermany's Fairy Tale RoadBerlin BearsThe Berlin BearBavarian Girl at OktoberfestCan I Take Kids to Oktoberfest?Tropical Island GermanyTropical Islands
ICE Train, GermanyTake the Kids on a Train
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