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Toys Made in Germany

German Toys to Last a Lifetime


My daughter and I both love German toys – not (only) for nostalgic reasons, but toys made in Germany have a wonderful quality, are sturdy, and engage children’s imagination and creativity. Yes, German toys cost more than plastic toys from China, but they are built to last a lifetime and deliver when it comes to safety, quality, and design.

Here are my favorite toys made in Germany that will make your kinder happy (and you too - all toys can be purchased online).

1. Käthe Kruse Dolls

Kaethe Kruse Dolls
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
In 1905, a German girl had only one Christmas wish: a soft doll she could cuddle with. Back then, all dolls were made out of porcelain, so her mother Käthe created her own toy - the first Käthe Kruse doll was born. More than 100 years later, Käthe Kruse dolls are still handmade, from stuffing them with reindeer hair, and designing high-quality cloths, to painting faces. Besides dolls, Käthe Kruse also offers beautiful soft toys for babies.
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2. Haba Toys

Haba Toys
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Haba creates everything from wooden toys, and board games, to soft dolls, and whimsical tea sets. The Haba family business has been manufacturing its educational toys for almost 80 years now, receiving many international prizes for top-quality and child-oriented design. Haba uses eco-friendly materials like indigenous maple and beech wood, fabric, felt, cardboard, and water-based paints; most toys are made from start to finish in the German workshops in Bad Rodach.
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3. Playmobil

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber

3 years of research went into the creation of the little Playmobil figurines, which were born in Germany in the 1970’s. The ever-smiling faces of the figures - large head, round eyes, no nose - are based on children’s drawings, and the first Playmobil dolls (native Americans, knights, and construction workers) were an instant success with kids. Today, you can choose between more than 500 Playmobil figures, and the company conducts extensive tests for its award-winning toys to ensure highest quality and safety.

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4. Steiff Plush Toys

Steiff Teddy
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Created in 1880 by the German seamstress Margarete Steiff, the Steiff plush animals are made only out of the finest materials, such as felt, mohair, and alpaca. Most work is still done by hand, from sketching designs to painting faces. Make sure your animal has its signature “button in ear”, which distinguishes the real Steiffs from counterfeit toys.
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5. Ravensburger

Ravensburger Puzzle
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Ravensburger, founded in the 1880’s in the German city of Ravensburg, is famous for its high-quality toys, including jigsaw puzzles, picture books, games, and craft kits. Ravensburger follows the philosophy that play is a key factor in a child’s development and the sturdy toys are made with eco-friendly materials. Ravensburger is the number-one company in Europe for puzzles and handicraft products, and the German market leader for games.
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