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Planning Your Trip to Germany


Planning your trip to Germany? Start here: our basic and useful planning tips will help you prepare your Germany vacation from A to Z.

  1. Basic Information
  2. When to Go
  3. Where to Go
  4. Where to Stay
  1. Budget Travel Tips
  2. Getting Around in Germany
  3. Learning the Language

Basic Information

The Flag of Germany

Let's get started with some basic information you should know before traveling to Germany. Learn interesting facts about the country, check out visa and passport requirements, and get advice on what to pack.

When to Go

Germany in snow, winter

When is the best time of year to visit Germany? This section gives you information about Germany in all four seasons and helps you decide when to plan your Germany travels.

Where to Go

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Pariser Platz

Do you already know which part of Germany you want to visit? Germany has a lot to offer and you can choose between exciting cities, old-world towns, and pristine landscapes. Let's have a look at some destinations:

Where to Stay

Circus Hostel Berlin, Germany

There is a variety of lodging and accommodation in Germany and you'll find everything from basic hostels, and boutique hotels, to vacation rentals, and luxury resorts. Whatever you choose, it is always a good idea to reserve your room in advance.

Budget Travel Tips

Euro Money

Check out how to make the Dollar go further and save money on your travels in Germany - from flights and hotels, to restaurants, public transportation, and sightseeing.

Getting Around in Germany

German Autobahn at night

There are many ways to explore Germany, depending on your itinerary, personal taste, and budget. Find out what options you have, from renting a car and flying down the Autobahn, to enjoying a relaxing train ride.

Learning the Language

woman with German Flag

Most Germans speak English, so you probably won't have any difficulties getting around. Still, a little German is always appreciated. Have a look at some useful German phrases that will be helpful for any traveler.

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