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A Germany For All Seasons

When to Visit Germany


When is a good time to visit Germany? Anytime! Every season has its charm (as well as its pitfalls), so when to go depends on your travel type: Do you love warm, sunny days and don't mind long lines in front of sights and attractions? Or can you cope with cold temperatures in order to be rewarded with low airfares and fewer crowds?

Here is an overview of Germany in all four seasons that will help you decide what’s the best time of year for you to visit Germany.

1. Germany in Spring

Fountain in front of the Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany
Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Germany; after a long, cold winter, the country welcomes the beginning of the warm season with traditional Easter celebrations and spring fairs. As temperatures rise, so do prices for flights and hotels - but they are still considerably lower than in the peak time of summer.

Germany in Spring

2. Germany in Summer

Nudism in Germany
Steve West/Getty Images

Summer is the height of the travel season in Germany: Enjoy warm temperatures, long and sunny days, colorful open-air festivals, and many outdoor activities. These summer pleasures translate into high airfares and hotel rates, and lines in front of popular tourist attractions can become very long. Make sure to book early!

Germany in Summer

3. Germany in Fall

autumn at the German wine road
GNTB/Kaster, Andreas

Fall is a great time to visit Germany: The summer crowds are back home, local wine festivals are in full swing, and as temperatures drop, so do airfares and hotel rates. The only exception: If you visit Oktoberfest in Munich, be prepared for higher prices, so make your Oktoberfest travel arrangements as early as possible. And bring your umbrella, German fall weather can be very wet.

Germany in Fall

4. Germany in Winter

Germany in snow, winter
Birge Amondson

Take advantage of fewer crowds and lower rates in the winter months – with the exception of December, when the holiday season is at its peak and Germany's Christmas markets draw thousands of international visitors. Don’t forget to bundle up! German winters are cold, with temperatures often below freezing, which results in some great winter sport and skiing possibilities in Germany.

Germany in Winter
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