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Getting Around in Germany

By Car, Train, Bus, Or Plane


There are many ways to explore Germany, depending on your itinerary, personal taste, and budget. Find out what options you have, from renting a car and flying down the Autobahn, to enjoying a relaxing train ride.

1. How to Get From City to City in Germany

Berlin Skyline
Birge Amondson
What’s the fastest way to get from Berlin to Frankfurt? Is it cheaper to take the train or opt for a plane if you want to travel from Munich to Hamburg? Or is it better to rent a car and drive down the Autobahn? Find out how to get from one German city to the next and which transportation option is the fastest and most cost-efficient one.

2. Train Travel in Germany

Train arriving at the train station in Cologne, Germany

One of my favorite ways to discover Germany is by train. The German railway system is very well developed and reliable, and you can reach almost every city in Germany by train; not to mention that watching the German landscape stream by your window is a very relaxing and comfortable way of traveling. The German National Railway is called Deutsche Bahn, or DB for short. Here is an overview of the German Railway System that will help you decide what trains to take and how to get the best tickets for your train travel through Germany.

All about German Train Tickets and Special Offers

3. German for Train Travelers

Train in the Alps, Germany
Markus Hoppe
Want to try out some Deutsch with the agent at the ticket counter or your fellow travelers on the train? It's true that most Germans speak English, but a little German can go a long way and is always appreciated. In our German travel glossary you'll find common German vocabulary and expressions related to rail travel; learn how to book your train tickets in German, and get to know essential phrases that you can use on the train or in the train stations.

4. Renting a Car in Germany

German Autobahn at night
Andreas Levers
Do you want to rent a car and fly down the German Autobahn? Check out our tips and find helpful information to get the best rental car for your trip through Germany.

5. Driving Tips

Bavarian Mountains
Find out how to make the most out of your drive and stay safe on Germany’s streets: Here are the most important rules of the road, as well as tips on how to navigate the German Autobahn.

6. Germany's Best Scenic Drives

John Wang
Do you like road trips? Then hop in the car and make the journey your reward: Germany offers many scenic drives and themed roads that will lead you past quaint villages, medieval castles, and unspoiled countryside. From the Romantic Road, and the Castle Road, to the Fairy Tale Road, and the Wine Route, here are the roads best traveled in Germany.

7. Bus Travel in Germany

German Fairy Tale Road
Sergio Dogliani
Traveling on a bus is a great way to get around in Germany, and one of the best German bus companies is Berlin Linien Bus. Their buses are cheap, comfortable, environmentally friendly and a good option besides train travel or driving in Germany. In addition, Berlin Linien Bus has a very extensive network throughout Germany and Europe and offers great deals for city hoppers.

8. Maps of Germany

Basic Map of Germany
CIA - The World Fact Book
Looking for maps of Germany to start planning your vacation? Get a great overview of Germany with the maps in our gallery. You can choose between basic maps of Germany and geographical relief maps, which also show major roads, railroads and distances in Germany.
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