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Germany in Spring


Hamburg and Lake Binnenalster, Germany
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Germany in Spring - What to Expect:

Planning to travel to Germany in spring? Spring is a wonderful time to visit Germany; after a long winter, the country sheds its layers and welcomes the beginning of the warm season with traditional Easter celebrations and spring festivals.

Here’s what to except from the spring season (March – May) in Germany, from weather, and airfares, to festivals, and events in Germany.

Airfares and Hotel Rates in Spring:

With rising spring temperatures, you’ll also see prices for airfares and hotels climb, even if they are still lower than in the peak time of summer.

In March, you can still get some great deals on flights and hotels, but come April, prices (and crowds) are on the up. During Easter, German schools are closed for spring break (usually two weeks around Easter weekend, and many Germans like to travel during these days. Hotels, museums, and trains might be crowded, so make your reservations early.

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Germany in Spring - Weather:

As soon as those first rays of sun come out (even if it’s still chilly), you'll see many people in Germany's gardens, parks and outdoor cafes, soaking up the sun and enjoying the eagerly anticipated beginning of the warm season.

As any time of year, the weather in Germany can be unpredictable, and sometimes, spring seems to arrive hesitantly: It can still snow in March, and the weather in April may change from sun to rain or hail showers in a couple of hours. So bring those layers and pack some wet weather gear.

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Germany in Spring - Average Temperatures:

  • in March: Average low 33° F, average high 47° F
  • in April: Average low 39° F, average high 58° F
  • in May: Average low 47° F, average high 67° F
Don't forget to spring forward on the last Sunday in March, when daylight saving time begins: At 2 a.m., move your clock one hour forward.

Germany in Spring - Events and Festivals:

Find out what annual events, festivals and holidays you can experience during your Germany travels in spring; the upcoming months are filled with Easter celebrations, spring fairs, and music festivals.

Easter in Germany:

Easter is one of the most popular holidays in Germany, marking the long awaited spring of spring. Many Easter traditions such as colorful eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, spring fairs, and, of course, the Easter egg hunt originated in Germany.
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