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Renting a Car in Germany

Tips and Advice For Getting a German Rental Car


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Planning to rent car and fly down the German Autobahn?
Have a look at our tips and find the best rental car for your trip through Germany.

  • To rent a car in Germany, you need a valid driver’s license from your home state or province. The legal driving age in Germany is 18, but usually drivers have to be over 21 to rent a car.

  • A few car rentals request an international driver’s license, so check before you go; if you need an international drivers license, you can easily get it at any AAA location.

  • Search for rental cars before you fly to Germany, and reserve your car in advance – you will get good rates (and feel more relaxed knowing „your“ car is waiting for you in Germany).

  • Planning to explore other European countries? Check first with your rental company, and make sure it is allowed to take your rental car across the border.

  • German cars usually come with a manual transmission (gear shift). If you prefer an automatic transmission, ask the rental company, most can accomodate you.

  • Drive very carefully when it snows, and ask your rental company about special winter tires.

  • Find your way through Germany with the help of a GPS; most rental companies offer GPS, just make sure it is switched to English.

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Driving Tips for Germany

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