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Germany Travel Planning & Practical Tips

Planning your travels to Germany? On this website, you find everything you need to know to plan your Germany vacation, from booking flights, trains and hotels, to dealing with passports and visa requirements. You'll also get practical information on when to go and what to pack for Germany.
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  2. Transportation in Germany (8)
  3. When to Visit Germany (6)

Before You Go to Germany
Before you go to Germany, check out these helpful Germany travel resources, from visa requirements, to getting around in Germany, and budget travel tips.

How to Get From City to City in Germany
How to get from city to city in Germany by train, plane, car, or bus; including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, and Dresden.

Getting Around in Germany
Car, train, bus, or plane? Find out how to get around in Germany.

How is the Weather in Germany?
Get an overview of the weather in Germany in all four seasons and find out whether you should bring a rain jacket or a bathing suit.

Best Germany Guidebooks
Find out which guidebook is the right choice for you; reviews of some of the most popular German guidebooks.

Germany Travel Blogs
Share your Germany blogs here and find other Germany travel blogs. See submissions

How to Avoid Jet Lag
Find out how to reduce jet lag when traveling to Germany.

Money and Currency in Germany
Money tips for Germany travelers, including information about German ATMs, banks, credit cards, and the current exchange rate.

What's Your Favorite Travel App?
From digital maps, and translation apps, to flight finders, what are your favorite travel apps? See submissions

Frankfurt International Airport Information
Flying to Frankfurt International Airport? Check out important Frankfurt Airport information here, including transportation to and from Frankfurt Airport, airport hotels and rental car companies.

Maps of Germany
Maps of Germany, ranging from basic maps to geographical relief maps with major roads and distances in Germany.

Budget Travel Tips For Germany
Germany on a Budget: Save money in Germany with our budget travel tips, from flights and hotels, to restaurants, public transportation, and sightseeing in Germany.

Travel Packing List for Germany
Ready to pack your bags? Have a look at this helpful travel packing list that has all essential travel-musts for your trip.

Traveling with Your Pet to Germany
Helpful tips to plan your Germany travels with your pet: Read about air travel with pets, vaccinations for pets, and pet-friendly hotels in Germany.

Visa and Passport Requirements for Germany
Wondering if you need a visa for your trip to Germany? Read all about visa and passport requirements for your trip to Germany here.

Useful German Phrases for Travelers
Learn useful German phrases and words that are helpful for every traveler; includes common German greetings and essential phrases for small talk in Germany.

Find Cheap Flights to Germany
Looking for cheap flights to Germany? Search for the best flight deals to Germany here.

Find Hotels in Germany
Looking for a place to stay in Germany? Use this page to search for good deals on hotels in Germany.

Germany Profile - Germany Profile For Travelers
Germany Travel Profile - this profile of Germany gives you quick facts, figures and information you should know when you travel to Germany.

Share your Tips on How to Avoid Jet Lag
Do you have tips on how to avoid jet lag? Share your them with us and read what other travelers do to reduce jet lag.

Passports - Getting Your US Passport
You need a valid US Passport to travel to Germany. Read here how to get your US Passport.

What's Your Favorite Germany Guidebook?
Share your favorite Germany guidebook here and find out which travel books other Germany travelers find indispensable for their vacation. See submissions

Blind Airfare Booking in Germany
A discount airfare option for the adventurous in Germany. How to book a flight from Germany for just 33 euros!

Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks in Germany
Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks in Germany

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