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Photo Gallery - The Island of Sylt, Germany


The island of Sylt, Germany's northernmost tip, is well-known its pristine beaches, thatched-roof houses and spectacular dune landscape. The west side of Sylt meets the waves of the North Sea, while the east side faces the quiet Wadden Sea. On a sunny day, you can see Denmark from here.
Sylt is also famous for its nude beaches; after all, the island opened the first official nude beach in Germany in 1920.

Take a visual tour over the island and enjoy photos of Sylt's beauty.

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The Old Lighthouse in the Dunes of SyltClose-Up: The Old Lighthouse, SyltThe Dike of SyltThe Wadden Sea
The New Lighthouse of SyltThe Beach of SyltTraditional Wicker Beach Chairs at a Bus StopIn the Old Village of Keitum, Sylt
Thatched-Roof House, SyltSmall Traditional House Construction of a Thatched-Roof HouseSummer Nights at the Beach of Sylt
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