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Take a tour through our photo gallery and enjoy pictures of sights and landmarks in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Berlin is the third most visited place in Europe, and it fascinates young and old, history buffs and art lovers, architecture aficionados and underground clubbers alike.

2009 is a special year for Berlin: The city celebrates its 20th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the peaceful revolution that united Germany and ended the Cold War.

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East Side Gallery BerlinThe East Side GalleryBerlin Holocaust MemorialThe Memorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeBrandenburg Gate BerlinThe Brandenburg Gate, BerlinThe Reichstag, Seat of German governmentThe Reichstag of Berlin
The Dome of the Berlin ReichstagThe Berlin CathedralTV Tower of BerlinThe TV Tower of BerlinThe River Spree
Art in a Berlin Backyard, in MitteSkyline of Berlin, TV Tower
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