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German Christmas Markets - Photo Gallery

Take a Stroll Trough a Traditional German Christmas Market


Christmas markets are a wonderful part of the German holiday tradition and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Take a look at our photo gallery and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of the Christmas markets of Munich, Nuremberg, Dresden, Berlin, and Cologne.
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Christmas Market of MunichChristmas Market of MunichChristmas Market of Munich, Christkindl MarketIlluminated Christmas Market of MunichChristmas Market Cologne, boasting the largest Christmas Tree in the regionChristmas Market of CologneHistoric Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, GermanyHistoric Christmas Market of Berlin
Christmas Tree at Berlin Christmas MarketChristmas Tree at Berlin Christmas MarketChristmas Market of JenaTraditional Christmas Market of JenaChristmas Market of NurembergThe Nuremberg Christmas MarketBaker making traditional Gingerbread at the Christmas Market in NurembergTraditional German Gingerbread
Christmas Pyramid in front of the Church of Our Blessed Lady, Dresden Christmas Market, GermanyChristmas Pyramid of DresdenTraditional Wood Carvings from the Ore Mountains, Dresden Christmas MarketChristmas Decoration on display at the Dresden Christmas Marketcarved manger scene, a traditional Christmas decoration from the German Ore MountainsTraditional Christmas Decoration
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