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The Best Clubs in Berlin

Dance the Night Away in Berlin's Best Clubs


There are so many great clubs in Berlin, and it seems that every weekend, new clubs open up. It is impossible to list them all, but here we proudly present the crème de la crème: The best clubs in Berlin.

1. Berghain

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An institution in Berlin’s nightlife scene and by many celebrated as one of the world’s best clubs, Berghain isn't for the faint at heart; its throbbing techno beats and hedonistic vibe draws thousands of locals every weekend to party until sun comes up again. Celebs like to party here too - Lady Gaga was spotted - although the club is anything but glamorous; located in a former power plant, Berghain has a minimalist design with lots of concrete and steel. The club’s selective door policy is legendary - be prepared for an hour-long waiting in line - and there is a very strict rule about no photos and filming inside the club. What happens in Berghain, stays in Berghain.

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 10243 Berlin
Metro: S Bahn Ostbahnhof
Open: weekend 11 p.m. - open end

2. Week End

For a hip vibe with sweeping views of Berlin, hit the Weekend Club. It is located on the upper floors of an old office building on Alexanderplatz. With the Bar and furniture at the center of the Weekend Club, the panoramic windows looking out on Berlin's cityscape are the signature of this hot spot. Make sure to take the elevator all the way up to watch the sunrise from the club's rooftop terrace.

More about Berlin's Weekend End

3. Watergate

The Watergate Club is located in the heart of Kreuzberg. It has two levels, and the lower dance floor, called waterfloor, is spectacular: It has a wide floor to ceiling glass front that overlooks the river Spree and an illuminated bridge – it feels like you are dancing on water. The Watergate has an ever changing line-up of international DJs who specialize in house and drum and bass music. On warm summer nights, enjoy the breeze on the outside deck over the water.

Address: Falckenstein Strasse 49, 10997 Berlin
Metro: U1 Schlesisches Tor
Open: Thu-Sat 11 p.m. - open end

4. Tresor

The Tresor (meaning "vault" or "safe") is a legendary institution of Berlin's nightlife – it was the cities first techno club and introduced electronic music to a Germany no longer separated by the wall in the early 90's. After closing down in 2004, Tresor celebrated its resurrection in an old power plant in Kreuzberg in 2007. Ever since, Tresor has been throbbing with hard and loud electro, acid and industrial music. It is a must-dance for real techno lovers who like to party until midmorning of the next day.

Address: Köpenicker Strasse 70, 10179 Berlin Mitte
Metro: U8 Heinrich-Heine-Strasse
Open: Wed, Thu-Sat midnight - open end

5. White Trash

White Trash is many things – a restaurant with great hamburgers, a smoky bar, and a seedy club with several stages spread out over two floors. The interior of White Trash is a mix of Asian kitsch and tacky American memorabilia.Make your way past the bars to the club downstairs, housed in a kitschy artificial cave where you can get your daily dose of eclectic live music; bands sweat out everything from Country and Rock, to Electro, Punk, and Indie.
You'll find many American expats at White Trash, and the staff speaks English. Come here before 8 p.m. when the entrance is free.

Address: Alte Schönhauser Allee 6-7, 10119 Berlin
Metro: U2 Senefelder Platz
Open: daily, 6 p.m. - open end

6. Maria am Ostbahnhof

Maria am Ostbahnhof is a mecca for fans of progressive electronic music; the giant club consists of two separate halls and can accommodate up to 1,500 people. Maria is famous for its international DJ sets, experimental and contemporary live music. The Maria Club is huge, and if you want a more intimate atmosphere, head to the small and loungy club called Josef, located inside the Maria Club. In summer, you can also chill outside on the banks of the river Spree.

Address: Stralauer Platz 34-35/ An der Schillingbruecke, 10243 Berlin
Metro: S 3, 5, 7, 9 Ostbahnhof
Open: Thu-Sat, 11 p.m.-open end

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