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Christmas in Germany

How Germany Celebrates the Holidays Season and Christmas


Are you spending the holiday season and Christmas in Germany? Find out how Germany celebrates the most wonderful time of the year, from German Christmas markets, and beloved Christmas customs, to winter festivals, and traditional Christmas recipes.

1. Traditional Christmas Markets

Christmas market at Romerburg Square
Tom Bonaventure/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Almost every German city celebrates the holiday season with a traditional Christmas market. The fairs, which date back to the 14th century, originally provided food and practical supplies for the cold winter season, but soon the markets became a beloved holiday tradition and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Guide to German Christmas Markets
Best Christmas Markets in Germany
Photo Gallery of German Christmas Markets

2. Germany in Winter

Christmas Pyramid at Christmas Marekt of Nuremberg
Photographer Uli Kowatsch/ Courtesy of Congress-und Tourismuszentrum Nuremberg

The month of December is packed with winter festivals and holiday events that will get you into the Christmas spirit in no time. Here is an overview of what's happening in December 2010 and what travelers can expect from the holiday season in Germany, from weather, to airfares, and hotel rates.

3. German Christmas Traditions

German Advent Wreath
Birge Amondson

From the Christmas tree to the Christmas market, it's all German! many Christmas traditions that are celebrated around the world orginated in Germany; read about the most beloved holiday customs here, from German Christmas recipes, to the Advent wreath. 

Germany's Christmas Traditions

4. Christmas Shopping in Germany

Christmas decoration
Michael Bessonette

Whether you look for hand-crafted Christmas decoration, hunt for designer bargains, or want to soak up some atmosphere in Germany's illuminated shopping streets, check out these helpful resources for your German shopping spree.

5. Winter Sport in Germany

Skiing in garmisch
GNTB/Geiger, Daniel

From the Alps to the Black Forest, Germany offers many ski resorts and winter sport opportunities. Whether you are looking for speedy downhill runs or want to enjoy cross-country skiing in picturesque scenery, German ski resorts won’t disappoint.

Best Places to Ski in Germany

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