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History, Culture & Tradition in Germany

Interested in knowing more about Germany's rich history and culture? Find here in-depth information about historical sights and personalities, and read about cultural traditions that shape the German way of life.
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Germany Celebrates the Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales
In 2013, Germany celebrates 200 years of Brothers Grimm fairy tales; here are the best fairy tale events, festivals, and exhibitions about the Brothers Grimm.

Happy Birthday, Richard Wagner
In 2013, Germany celebrates Richard Wagner's 200th birthday; Here are the best special events, including concerts and exhibitions, to commemorate the German composer.

Top 10 Museums in Germany
The best 10 museums in Germany, from art in Dresden, and design in Berlin, to science in Munich.

Holocaust Memorials in Germany
German Memorial sites, museums, and concentration camps dedicated to the remembrance of Holocaust victims.

Art Fairs and Art Events in Germany
Round-up of the most important international art fairs and festivals in Germany.

World Heritage Sites in Germany
From palaces and churches, to ancient forests and historic towns, here is a list of Germany's World Heritage Sites.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Germany
Ice hotels, food museums, and car-free islands? Surprise yourself!

Best Green Destinations in Germany
The best eco-friendly and sustainable destinations, hotels, and restaurants for the green traveler in Germany.

Christmas in Germany
Are you spending the holiday season in Germany? Find out how Germany celebrates the most wonderful time of the year.

Germany's Grand Churches
Whether you're making a spiritual pilgrimage or want to appreciate their majestic architecture, these German churches and cathedrals are worth a visit.

Leipzig for Music Lovers
Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann - the list of composers and musicians that lived and worked in Leipzig is long. Find out where classical music fans get the best of musical Leipzig.

Car Lover's Guide to Germany
BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes - Germany is famous for its autos, and car enthusiasts will find many opportunities to celebrate the automobile in Germany, from car museums and car factory tours, to scenic drives, race tracks, and the Autobahn.

The Berlin Wall - Landmarks of a Divided City
You can still feel Berlin's turbulent yet hopeful history when you walk through its streets; many of its landmarks are closely connected to the Berlin Wall, its fall, and the reunification of Germany. For an in-depth understanding of Berlin and its unique and moving history, visit these monuments and attractions.

Unterwelten Tour - The Secret Tunnels from East to West Berlin
Explores the secret escape tunnels from East to West Berlin with this fascinating walking tour in Berlin

Bauhaus - The German Revolution in Arts, Design, and Architecture
Round-up of the best Bauhaus buildings, museums and events in Germany.

Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen - Memorial Site
What to Expect at the Memorial Site Sachsenhausen close to Berlin, one of the most important concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

Tour of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp - Review
Review of Mosaic tours to Sachsenhausen. a concentration camp close to Berlin. Read my review.

Dachau Concentration Camp - Memorial Site
Visitor's Information on the Dachau Concentration Camp, close to Munich.

The German Fairy Tale Road - Land of the Brothers Grimm
Guide to the German Fairy Tale Road, a scenic drive that takes you to the settings of the famous Brother Grimm's fairy tales.

Documenta 2012
Information about the documenta 2012, one of the world's leading art shows; it takes place every 5 years in Kassel, Germany.

Nudism in Germany - The Naked Truth
A Guide to nudism (naturism) in Germany: Learn about the roots of nudism, where and how it is practiced in Germany, and find out what to expect at a nude beach.

The Cemetery of Dorotheenstadt, Berlin
The Cemetery of Dorotheenstadt lies in the center of Berlin; it is one of the most interesting graveyards in Germany, with many famous German writers, philosophers, musicians and politicians buried here.

Beethoven - Profile of the German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
This profile of Ludwig van Beethoven gives you fascinating insights into the life and work of one of Germany's most famous composers.

German Christmas Traditions

From the Christmas tree to the Christmas market, it's all German. Learn about beloved German Christmas traditions and find out how Germans celebrates the holiday season.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany
There are 33 UNESCO world heritage sites in Germany; this website gives you a great overview of these extraordinary landmarks, including an interactive map of Germany.

The German Museum in Munich
Profile of Munich's German Museum, the largest science and technology museum in the world.

Beer Regions in Germany
There are over 500 German beer brands, so which German beer is the best? Our travel guide to Germany's beer regions tells you all about the best German beers and local brews.

What is Eurovision?
Discover Europe's largest song competition and how to watch it every year.

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