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German For Travelers: Useful German for Dining Out

English German Dining Phrasebook


German For Travelers: Useful German for Dining Out
M. Tanner Clark

Want to order your Kaffee in German? Then have a look at these basic and simple German sentences that are helpful when dining out in German restaurants. From asking for the menu, and ordering, to getting the check – here are useful German phrases for dining out during your Germany travel.
Guten Appetit!

You'll find the pronunciation in parentheses. Just read it out loud, the capitalized part of the word should be emphasized.

English-German Dining Phrasebook

The menu, please! - Die Speisekarte, bitte! (dee SHPY-se-Cart-uh, BITT-uh)

I’ d like... - Ich haette gern... (ish HAT-uh garn...)

without - ohne (O-nuh)

with - mit (midd)

Do you have....? - Haben Sie...? ( HAB-uhn see...)

What do you recommend? - Was empfehlen Sie ? (Vus emp-VAY-luhn see?)

Is this table free? - Ist der Tisch frei? (Ist dare tish fry?)

Enjoy your meal! - Guten Appetit! (gootn Appetit!)

Thank you - Danke (DAHN-kuh)

I didn’t order that! - Das habe ich nicht bestellt! (Dus HU-buh ish nisht buh-STELT)

The check, please! – Die Rechnung, bitte (dee RECH-nung, BITT-uh)

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