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German Travel Glossary - Essential German Words and Phrases

Most Germans speak very good English, especially in the bigger cities. Still, it is nice to know a little German. Take a look at our glossaries; they feature essential words and phrases that will be helpful for any traveler.

Language Schools in Germany
Want to learn German in Germany? Check out our list of recommended German language schools.

Useful German Phrases
German-English Travel Glossary: Learn useful German phrases and words that every traveler should know; includes common German greetings and essential phrases for small talk.

German For Travelers: Useful German for Dining Out
Our German-English phrasebook offers easy and useful German expressions for dining out.

German For Travelers: Book Your Train Tickets in German
This German travel glossary offers essential German vocabulary and expressions related to rail travel in Germany. Includes guide to German pronounciation.

Langenscheidt's Universal Phrasebook German - Review
This German Phrasebook is a good companion for your travels, offering helpful sentences for travel-related situations, including German pronunciation.

Learn German Online and For Free
This website offers free German online classes, for beginners and advanced levels.

Bavarian Dictionary - Fun For Oktoberfest
Have fun with this not so serious Oktoberfest dictionary - the Bavarian dialect can sometimes be difficult to understand, even for Germans.

Learn German at the Goethe-Institut
How about learning some German at the Goethe-Institut, the German Culture Center? The Goethe-Institut offers German classes in Germany, as well as in the US.

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