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Frankfurt Travel Guide


Frankfurt Skyline
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Frankfurt City Guide:

Frankfurt, located in the federal state of Hesse, lies in the heart of central Germany. The city is the financial hub of Europe and home to the German Stock Exchange and the European Central Bank.
Thanks to its modern skyscrapers and the river Main, which runs through Frankfurt’s center, the city is also nicknamed "Main-hattan". With 660.000 inhabitants, Frankfurt is Germany's 5th largest city.

Frankfurt - City of Contrasts:

Frankfurt is a city of contrasts. Being famous for its futuristic skyline and its financial district, Frankfurt is also home to historic squares with cobble stone streets, half-timbered houses and traditional wine bars.
The city’s most prominent son was Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832), Germany's most important writer.

Frankfurt International Airport:

Frankfurt International Airport is Germany's most frequented airport and the second busiest airport in Europe, after London Heathrow.
Located approximately 7 miles southwest from the city center, you can take the subway lines S8 and S9 to Frankfurt's central train station (approximately 10 minutes).

Frankfurt's Train Stations:

Frankfurt is a major transportation hub in Germany; with many Autobahns and German railways intersecting, the city makes a great starting point for your Germany travels.
Take a regional or long-distance train to reach almost any city in Germany as well as many European destinations. Frankfurt has three major train stations, the Central Station in the heart of the city, the South Station, and the Airport Train Station.

So how long does it take from Frankfurt to reach...

Frankfurt - Getting Around:

The best way to get around in Frankfurt is by public transportation. The city has a very well developed and modern public transportation system, consisting of trams, subways, buses.

Frankfurt - What to See and Do:

Frankfurt offers many contrasts, and it is fun to explore them all: modern skyscrapers and half-timbered houses, the financial district and leafy parks, traditional wine bars and hip night clubs.

Frankfurt Restaurants:

If you want to get a real taste of Frankfurt’s hearty fare, look out for the famous Frankfurter Grüne Sosse, a rich green sauce made with herbs; Handkäs mit Musik (“handcheese with music”), a sour cheese marinated with oil and onions; and, of course, apple wine, called Ebbelwoi in the local dialect. Frankfurt has no shortage of traditional German restaurants and wine pubs (especially in the district of Sachsenhausen); here is a list of recommended restaurants in Frankfurt, for every taste and budget:

Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Events and Hotels:

Frankfurt hosts many international trade shows, such as the annual Frankfurt Book Fair in fall or the Frankfurt Auto Show every two years in summer.
If you plan to travel to Frankfurt during a trade show, make sure to reserve your hotel room early and be prepared for higher rates.

Frankfurt Shopping:

The premier place to shop in Frankfurt is the shopping street called Zeil. Also called "The Fifth Avenue" of Germany, this shopping street offers everything from chic boutiques, to international department chains for the discerning shopper.

Frankfurt’s shopping areas are a part of my list Germany’s Best Shopping Streets
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