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Munich's Best Beer Gardens

Where Your Beer Tastes Better - The Best Beer Gardens in Munich


You can find beer gardens all over Germany, but the most traditional and charming beer gardens are still in Bavaria, where they first started growing in the early 19th century.

Munich is proud to have close to 200 beer gardens; among them, the largest beer garden in the world. Check out our top-pick of the best beer gardens in Munich, where you can enjoy your handcrafted Bavarian beer the way it was meant to be. Prost!

1. Beer Garden Augustiner Keller

Dating back to 1812, this beer garden is the oldest one in Munich. In former times, people came here to see the famous "beer bull" bringing up beer from its cool storage in the cellar. Although the bull is long gone, the beer garden looks exactly as it was back then. Fresh Augustiner beer is served.

Address: Arnulfstraße 52, Munich
Phone: 089 59 43 93

2. Beer Garden at the Chinese Tower

The 82-feet high wooden Chinese Tower is the signature landmark of Munich's park, the English Garden – and almost as famous as its adjacent beer garden, the second largest in the city. Up to 7000 people come here for Lowenbrau beer and for traditional brass bands who play it up on Sundays.

Address: Englischer Garten 3, Munich
Phone: 089 383 87 30

3. Beer Garden Aumeister

Another great destination in the lush English Garden is the Aumeister beer garden; in the early 19th century, this used to be the waterhole for the duke and his royal hunting company. Located in the northern part of Munich’s most popular park, you can enjoy your royal Hofbrau beer under canopies of old chestnut trees with a view of a lovely pond.

Address: Sondermeierstraße 1, Munich
Phone: 089 32 52 24

4. Beer Garden at Viktualienmarkt

You'll find Munich’s most centrally located beer garden in the heart of the city’s oldest farmers market, the Viktualienmarkt.
You can bring your own food, so buy some delicacies at the market and enjoy them here, while taking in the bustling market scene. On a rotation of six weeks, every brewery in Munich presents its beer specialties here.

Profile of Viktualienmarkt and its beer garden

5. Beer Garden Hischgarten

Close to the picturesque Nymphenburg Palace, the Hirschgarten claims the title of being the largest beer garden in the world; it can seat 8000 people and wet their whistles with Augustiner, Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg, and Hofbräu Tegernsee beer. Literally translated as "Deer Garden", this beer garden also features a small deer park.

Address: Hirschgartenallee 1, Munich
Phone: 089 17 25 91

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