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The Best Berlin Restaurants

Dining Out - Find the Best Places to Eat in Berlin


There are so many great places to eat in Berlin, and it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming to pick the right spot. Here is a selection of some of the best Berlin restaurants that will satisfy even the most ardent foodies. From regional German cuisine, to high-class French fare, there is something for every taste and every budget.

Restaurant Tim Raue

Peking Duck Tim Raue
Copyright: Andrea Thode

In September 2010, Berlin's celebrated chef Tim Raue left prestigious Hotel Adlon and ventured out to open his own restaurant. The Asian-inspired "Restaurant Tim Raue" quickly earned its Michelin star and became the talk of the town -  especially Raue's famous Peking Duck Interpretation: The Peking duck, thick and juicy with a thin crispy edge, rests on a buckwheat pancake filled with apple sauce and is accompanied by foie gras on ginger paste and a delightfully intense soup.

Review of Restaurant Tim Raue


Photo of Margaux Berlin

Embark on a "Voyage de Cuisine", an excellent multi-course dinner prepared by Michelin-starred chef Michael Hoffmann. Hoffmann takes French fare to a new level by adding an experimental twist; wild herbs, which are exclusively grown for the chef by an organic farmer, take center stage in Hoffmann's creations. A sample of the visual and culinary delights: Charcoal-smoked pollock, served with oyster-chives parfait, salad of sea urchin, poached oysters, and cockles garnished with fresh lovage herbs.

Review of Margaux


Lunch at FACIL
Andrew Amondson, licensed to about.com

A modern glass cube with floor-to-ceiling windows invites guests into a secret garden of bamboo and chestnut trees; there is a zen-like fountain in the midst of the restaurant and through the glass roof you can see the stars. While FACIL's surroundings are light and flowing, the dishes of chef de cuisine Thomas Kempf have an exciting fire and heat inside of them. My Favorite: Rock octopus with artichoke on a bed of tomato marmalade and crispy baked capers.

Review of FACIL


Birge Amondson

Prater is famous for its regional German dishes served in generous portions; the "Wiener Schnitzel", a tender veal cutlet alongside a warm potatoes salad, or the chanterelle mushrooms with German bread dumplings are especially tasty.
The restaurant has a rustic old-world charm and resembles a traditional German beer hall; during the summer, you can sit outside in one of Berlin's oldest beer gardens.

Review of the Prater


Restaurant Gugelhof, which celebrates the hearty fare of Alsatian cuisine, became famous in 2000, when former U.S president Clinton asked then German chancellor Schroeder to take him to this restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg.
Gugelhof is well-known for its rich and regional cuisine, and the highlights of the menu are sausages, sauerkraut, and Tarte Flambees.

Review of Gugelhof

I Due Forni

Crisp, thin-crust and topped with heaps of fresh ingredients - the best brick-oven pizzas in town are made at I Due Forni, a laid back Italian restaurant cantina-style. The staff can be a bit snippy, but the pizzas are worth it: I always order the "Incredibile", with thin slices of Italian prosciutto, crisp walnuts, parmesan cheese, and fresh arugula on top. If you are bold, try the pizza with "Pferdefleisch" – smoked horse meat.

Review of I Due Forni

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