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Restaurants in Germany - Local Dining and Restaurants in Germany

Looking for restaurants in Germany and local dining tips? Germany is famous for its hearty and traditional dishes, but it also offers exquisite vegetarian and international cuisine. Read our restaurant reviews and find great German restaurants and good eats,no matter what your budget is.
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Food Lover's Guide to Germany
Food lover's guide to Germany - plan your German food travel with these helpful articles, from German restaurants and beer gardens, to wine festivals, and food markets.

Best Restaurants in Germany
Introduction to Germany's culinary scene: Find the best restaurants and dining experiences in Germany, from Berlin to Munich, Hamburg to Heidelberg.

Germany for Vegetarians
List of the best vegetarian restaurants in Germany, from Munich to Berlin.

Where to Eat in Berlin
From gourmet to street food - the best places to eat in Berlin.

Best Food Museums in Germany
Seeing, smelling, touching, tasting - a visit to one of Germany’s food museum is a feast for all senses and an adventure for the whole family.

Best 6 Restaurants in Cologne
Selection of the best 6 restaurants in Cologne, from fine dining to old-fashioned German food.

The World's Largest Wine Festival - Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim
Profile of the largest wine festival in the world, the "Wurstmarkt" in Bad Durkheim.

Best 5 Restaurants in Leipzig
Best 5 restaurants in Leipzig, from International cuisine to German comfort food.

Best Restaurants in Heidelberg
6 best restaurants in Heidelberg, from regional food to eclectic gourmet cuisine.

What's Your Favorite German Street Food?
What is your favorite street food in Germany? Eat like a local and let us know what German snack you like to grab at an "Imbiss" (fast food...See submissions

Vinegar Has Never Been Sweeter
It's made out of grapes but not what you think! The Wine Vinegar Estate Doktorenhof in Rhineland Palatinate creates exquisite products from vinegar, such as pralines, coffee, and aperitifs.

Guide to Germany's Beer Gardens
Information on Germany's beer gardens, including the history and tradition of beer gardens, and a beer garden dining guide.

Tipping in Germany
Helpful tips on tipping and dining out in German restaurants.

The Best Restaurants in Berlin
List of the five best restaurants in Berlin; from regional German cuisine, to high-class French fare, and exotic Vietnamese dishes, there is something for every taste and every budget.

Best Munich Restaurants
Need some inspiration on where to dine out in Munich? Check out these recommended Munich restaurants.

Best Restaurants in Frankfurt
Where to find the best restaurants in Frankfurt with German and regional cuisine.

The Best Restaurants in Hamburg
Find out where to dine in Hamburg, whether you crave fresh seafood or some regional specialties.

Best Gastro Pubs in Düsseldorf
Where to find the best Alt beer, local cuisine, and most authentic atmosphere in Düsseldorf.

Useful German Phrases: Dining Out
Want to order your food in German? Try these easy and useful German expressions.

Rive, Hamburg - Restaurant Review
The restaurant Rive in Hamburg offers fine dining right at the Hamburg harbor; the seafood is fresh, the view spectacular, and the menu combines local dishes with Mediterranean flavors.

Guide to Regional German Specialties
This website gives you an interesting introduction to the culinary delights and local specialties of each region in Germany.

Food and Drink in Cologne - the 10 Best Restaurants of Cologne
Check out the top ten restaurants in Cologne, from international cuisine and vegetarian dishes, to hearty German food. This website includes reviews, addresses, and opening hours.

Hamburg's Fish Market
Profile of Hamburg's fish market (Fischmarkt)at Hamburg's harbor, a must-see for every Hamburg traveler.

Beer in Bamberg
A guide to beer and breweries of Bamberg, Germany

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