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Festivals and Events in Germany in January

Find Out What's Happening in Germany in January 2014


Bundle up if you travel to Germany in January – temperatures can be freezing, but you’ll be rewarded with low rates, small crowds, and some great German events and festivals. Here is what’s happening in Germany in the month of January.

1. New Year's Run in Berlin

If your New Year’s resolution is to work out more, you can start right way: Take part in the Berlin New Years Run (2.5 mile long), which starts at the iconic Brandenburg Gate and leads you past many famous Berlin sights. No reservations required, kids are welcome, and donations are appreciated.

When: January 1, 2014
Where: Brandenburg Gate and the center of Berlin

2. Fashion Week Berlin

Fashionistas can get their fix at the Berlin Fashion Week, where German and international designers present their latest collections. Find out what’s hot at runway shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, and parties, which take place in historic buildings as well as the hippest clubs around town.

When: January 14- 16, 2014
Where: Bebelplatz and various venues in Berlin

3. Sylt Gourmet Festival

Thousands of foodies flock to the German island of Sylt in the North Sea to indulge in this 4-day long Gourmet Festival. Top chefs and sommeliers from around the world prepare their feasts in the best restaurants of Sylt, offering everything from fresh-caught lobster, and fine French wines, to Spanish Tapas.

When: January 15-19, 2013
Where: Island of Sylt

4. International Green Week in Berlin

Berlin's "International Green Week" is the world's largest exhibition for the food, agriculture, and gardening industry. The colorful presentations are organized around national, regional or product themes, and the fair is a feast for all senses: The international selection of products on display include fresh produce, seafood, meats and sausages, beer and wines, teas, herbs, flowers, and much more.

When: January 17-26, 2013
Where: Messe (Fair Grounds), Berlin

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