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Spending the Holidays in Germany


Traveling to Germany during holiday season? Find out how Germany celebrates the most wonderful time of the year; from German Christmas markets, and beloved Christmas traditions, to enticing holiday events, and winter sports, here is what Germany's holiday season has in store for you.
  1. Christmas Markets in Germany
  2. Holiday Traditions in Germany
  3. Holiday Destinations
  4. Winter Activities Germany
  5. Shopping in Germany

Christmas Markets in Germany

Historic Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, Germany

What would the holiday season be without a traditional German Christmas Market, filling the winter air with a warm glow and the smell of evergreens, spiced wine, and baked goods?

Holiday Traditions in Germany

German Advent Wreath

From the Advent wreath, to the Christmas tree, it's all German. Find out which popular holiday traditions originate in Germany and how Germans like to get into the Christmas spirit.

Holiday Destinations

Christmas in Rothenburg

Find out what to do during the holidays season in Munich, where to find the best Christmas markets in Berlin, and what road trips are especially beautiful in winter.

Winter Activities Germany

Skiing in garmisch

Bundle up! German winters can be very cold, but you'll also be rewarded with lower prices, and great winter sport opportunities. Find out what to expect during your winter travels.

Shopping in Germany

Christmas decoration

Whether you look for hand-crafted Christmas decoration, hunt for designer bargains, or want to soak up some atmosphere in Germany's illuminated shopping streets, check out these helpful resources for your German shopping spree.

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