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Best 6 Restaurants in Cologne

From Fine Dining to Good Old-Fashioned German Food.


Looking for a restaurant after a day of sightseeing in Cologne? Here are some of the best restaurants for a great taste of Cologne, from fine dining to old-fashioned German cuisine. And wherever you go, there is something you will find on every menu in Cologne: the local beer called Kölsch, brewed exclusively in the Cologne region. This pale and light-bodied beer is served in thin, cylindrical glasses, and it is a tradition that beer pub waiters will bring you one Kölsch after the other, unless you leave your beer glass half full or cover it with your beer mat to let them know you are done.

1. Lommerzheim

For a true taste of Cologne, visit “Lommi” - this restaurant with its unique beer hall atmosphere was opened in 1959 by Hans und Annemie Lommerzheim. Although the restaurant was renovated in 2008, the original charm of the building survived, and it is considered by many to be the quintessential Cologne restaurant: Long wooden tables (that you share with locals), a bustling and down-to-earth atmosphere, budget-friendly prices, and a regional menu. Don't leave without trying “Lommi’s Koteletten”, huge pork cutlets with fried onions.

Siegesstr. 18, 50679 Cologne

2. Le Moissonier

This Michelin-starred French restaurant has been an institution in Cologne’s fine dining scene for over 20 years, offering a très creative gourmet cuisine and a wine list to match. The menu changes with the season, and you can order a la carte or opt for a set multi-course menu to fully experience the carefully crafted cuisine by chef Eric Menchon; some of his signature dishes include Foie Gras Maison, Coquilles Saint-Jacques, and Pigeonneau rôti. Save room for the superb cheese platters. Reservations recommended.

Krefelder Str. 25, 50670 Cologne

3. Brauhaus Malzmühle

When former President Bill Clinton visited the city, he came to Brauhaus Malzmühle in the heart of the Old Town; the 150-years old family-run brewery and its adjacent restaurant are famous for hearty regional fare and classic German food; try the poetic sounding dish called “Heaven and Earth”, which comes with black pudding, fried onions, mashed potatoes, and stewed apples; or opt for the „Brauhaus platter”, piled high with rump a steak, filets of turkey and pork, vegetables, fried potatoes and sauce hollandaise. Wash it all down with a fresh Mühlen Kölsch, which is crafted right here in the Malzmühle brewery.

Heumarkt 6, 50667 Cologne

4. Hanse Stube

Hanse Stube, set in the Excelsior Hotel Ernst next to the Cologne Cathedral, serves haute cuisine for haute prices. Chef de cuisine Bernhard Stütze prepares innovative French fare combined with regional flavors; the menu offers dishes such as marinated asparagus, sautéed gambas and scallops with wild herbal salad and pine nut vinaigrette; fried ray wing on mint leaf spinach and tomato fumet; and chartreuse of strawberry and basil on buttermilk ice cream and balsamic. In a hurry? Order the daily changing business lunch menu, which will take less than 59 minutes from sitting down to sipping espresso.

Trankgasse 1-5 / Domplatz, 50667 Cologne

5. Früh am Dom

Right next to the Cologne Cathedral, you’ll find another traditional restaurant; housed in a former brewery, Früh am Dom serves god old-fashioned German food on three different levels; besides the main restaurant “Brauhaus”, you can dine in the vaulted, cozy brewery cellar; the modern and airy Hof 18 restaurant on the second floor with views of the Cathedral; and a beer garden. Try „Cologne Caviar“, black pudding with onion rings, rye bread roll and butter, or go for the "Rhenish Sauerbraten“, marinated beef with dumplings and stewed applesauce.

Am Hof 12 - 18, 50667 Cologne

6. La Vision

Set on the 11th floor of "Hotel im Wasserturm" (which indeed is a former water tower), the 2-starred restaurant is famous for its light German cuisine, first class service, and vistas over Cologne and its Cathedral. In summer, there is also a rooftop terrace. Here is a taste of La Vision’s menu: Veal cutlet with chanterelles and ragout of asparagus; crispy slice of suckling pig haunch with marinated rhubarb, chickpea fritters and rocket salad; cream of café Arabica with young peas and coffee oil. Reservations recommended.

Kaygasse 2, 50676 Cologne
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