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Best Nude Beaches in Germany

Buffing it on Germany's Top Nude Beaches


You'll find many nude beaches in Germany where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing au natural. Have a look at our Guide to Nudism, and then bare it all on some of Germany's best nude beaches; from lakes in forests and in mountains, to the shores of the North and the Baltic Sea.

1. Island of Sylt

The island of Sylt, the northernmost tip of Germany, is famous for its healthy climate, spectacular dune landscape, and pristine beaches – most of which are clothing-optional. After all, the first official nude beach in Germany was established in Sylt in 1920.
The island is a great destination for nature lovers and wellness aficionados, who can enjoy miles and miles of fine sand and traditional saunas right on the beach.

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2. Island of Rügen

Rügen, Germany’s biggest and most popular island, is located in the Baltic Sea, off the shore of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Besides its dramatic white chalk cliffs, Rügen is well known for its long and sandy beaches, many of them nude and more than 40 meters wide.

Rügen Travel Guide

3. Nude Camping in the Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District in the East of Germany is famous for its crystal clear lakes and evergreen forests. Besides nude beaches, there are also nude camping sites here. One of the best ones is the family-friendly nudist campground at Useriner Lake, located in the middle of the idyllic and quiet Müritz National Park. Great for hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

Profile of Nudist Campground at Useriner Lake

4. Berlin Wannsee

The lake Wannsee in the West of Berlin is one of the most popular recreation spots in the city. The "Lido of Berlin" boasts the longest inland sand beach in Europe and offers a large clothes-free area. Relax in a traditional wicker beach chair, play a round of beach volleyball or rent a paddle boat.

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5. Hamburg Sommerbad Volksdorf

In the Hamburg district of Volksdorf, you'll find a natural lake that is entirely dedicated to naturists. Shaded by big trees, there are dressing rooms, a playground, restaurant, table tennis, and a basketball court, which make this lake a great place for the whole family.

Profile of Hamburg's Sommerbad

6. Munich Nude Beaches

You can take a swim in your birthday suit in Munich’s largest lake, the Feldmochinger See, which is also known for its excellent water quality.
Another great option is the Feringa Lake; located in the north of Munich, it also offers a large and secluded area reserved for naturists. You can even sun your buns on the banks of the river Isar, which runs through Munich’s city center.

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7. Island of Borkum

The small island of Borkum, located is in the North Sea, offers a very long nude beach, complete with beach volleyball courts, dog runs, playgrounds, and saunas. Adjacent to the nude beach is a nature reservation with rolling dunes, which is also dedicated to nudists.
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