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The Berlin Welcome Card - Your Ticket to Discounts in Berlin

Get Unlimited Travel on the Berlin Metro and Save on Berlin Attractions


What is the Berlin Welcome Card?

The Berlin Welcome Card is a special pass that allows you unlimited travel on Berlin subways, metros, trams, and busses; in addition, the Berlin Welcome Card gives you discounts on many Berlin landmarks, museums, restaurants and tours.

Get the Right Berlin Welcome Card For You:

You can choose between six different Berlin Welcome Cards, depending on your itinerary:

  • Unlimited travel within the Berlin city center (fare zones AB, including Airport Tegel), valid for one person:

    • 48 hours for € 16.90
    • 72 hours for € 22.90
    • 5 days for € 29.90

  • Unlimited travel within Berlin and Potsdam (fare zones ABC, including Airport Tegel and Schönefeld), valid for one adult and up to three children (up to 14 years old)

    • 48 hours for € 18.90
    • 72 hours for € 24.90
    • 5 days for € 34.90

    Children up to the age of 6 years can use the Berlin metro for free, if their parents have a Berlin Welcome Card.

Advantages of the Berlin Welcome Card:

In addition to unlimited travel on the Berlin public transportation system, the Welcome Card includes:
  • A booklet with discount coupons for over 160 Berlin sights and attractions, including guided tours, boat tours, museums, theaters, restaurants, and cultural events
  • a city map
  • a public transportation map

Getting the Berlin Welcome Card:

You can buy the Berlin Welcome Card:
  • at the Berlin airports
  • at ticket counters or vending machines of the Berlin transportation system (BVG)
  • in most Berlin hotels
  • at the Berlin Tourism Office (located at the main train station, the Brandenburg Gate, located at the main train station, the Shopping Mall ALEXA, and at Kranzler Eck)
  • online

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