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How to get from Frankfurt to Munich

Frankfurt to Munich By Plane, Train, and Car


Interior of Munich Hauptbanhof (Central Train station). Opened in 1839 and rebuilt in 1960 the station sees 350 000 passengers a day
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If you want to travel from Frankfurt to Munich (or Munich to Frankfurt), you have several options; you can fly, make a road trip along one of Germany’s most picturesque routes, or take the train. Find out what’s the best way for you to get from Frankfurt to Munich.

Frankfurt to Munich By Plane

Your fastest option is of course to fly from Frankfurt International Airport to Munich Airport; it takes a little less than an hour and tickets start at $250 (round trip).
Munich’s airport (MUC), is located 19 miles northeast of the city; take the metro S8 or S2 to reach Munich's city center in about 40 minutes.

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Frankfurt to Munich By Train

A cheaper option is to take the train from Frankfurt to Munich. Germany’s super fast Intercity Express train (ICE), which reaches speeds up to 300 kilometer per hour, will take you to the Bavarian capital in 3 hours; tickets cost around $120.
You can book your ticket, find special sales, and and reserve a seat on the website of the German Railway (in English). The train ride into Bavaria is beautiful, and taking the train is recommended when you want to see more of Germany’s countryside.

Frankfurt to Munich By Car

With 390 km (240 miles) separating Frankfurt and Munich, you have two options if you want to drive yourself: You can fly down the Autobahn from Frankfurt to Munich and reach your destination within 4 hours; follow the Autobahn A 3 and then E 45.

If you have a little bit more time on your hands, how about taking a ride along one of Germany’s best scenic routes, the Romantic Road? This scenic drive leads you from Wuerzburg (south of Frankfurt) into the foothills of the German Alps.

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