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How to get from Frankfurt to Berlin

Frankfurt to Berlin By Plane, Train, Car and Bus


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There are many ways to get from Frankfurt to Berlin (or from Berlin to Frankfurt) – you can fly, take the bus, the train, or rent a car and drive yourself. Find out what transportation option is the best and most cost-efficient for you to get from Frankfurt to Berlin.

Frankfurt to Berlin By Plane

Frankfurt is for many travelers the gateway to Europe, and after arriving at Frankfurt International Airport, you can continue your travel to the German capital by plane: Most major airlines, including Lufthansa and AirBerlin, offer quick one-hour flights to Berlin, and tickets usually start at $120 (round trip).

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Frankfurt to Berlin By Train

Although taking the train is slower, it is not necessarily cheaper than air. The high speed train (ICE) from Frankfurt to Berlin takes about 4 hours and costs about $150 (one way). However, you can get huge savings on long-distance train travel in Germany if you book your tickets well in advance (e.g. a train ticket Frankfurt to Berlin can be as cheap as $50).
You can find specials online German Railway or in this article German Train Tickets and Special Offers. Purchase your ticket and reserve a seat (optional) on the website of the German Railway (in English) or at a ticket vending machine at the train station.

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Frankfurt to Berlin By Car

Do you plan to rent a car and speed down the Autobahn from Frankfurt to Berlin? The distance between the two cities is about 555 km (344 miles) and it will take you about 5 hours to reach the German capital. Check out suggested routes, driving directions, and estimated gas prices at www.Viamichelin.com.

Frankfurt to Berlin By Bus

Taking the bus from Frankfurt to Berlin is your cheapest option; the German bus company Berlin Linien Bus offers tickets as cheap as $45 (one way). But keep in mind that the bus is also the slowest way to reach your destinations; it usually takes about 8 hours to get from Frankfurt to Berlin.

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