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Weimar - At the Heart of German Culture

Weimar Travel Guide - What to do in Weimar. Read about Weimar, the heart of German culture and the Bauhaus. Find out which Weimar landmarks and Weimar attractions you should visit; this Weimar travel guide includes Weimar highlights, Weimar travel tips, hot to get to Weimar, and information on Weimar walking tours. Weimar is the city of Goethe, Schiller, and the Bauhaus movement.

Tips for Your Oktoberfest Visit

Plan your Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, with these helpful tips; from Oktoberfest events and beer tents, and the history of Oktoberfest, to visitor's information for families.

The German Fairy Tale Road - Scenic Drives in Germany

German Fairy Tale Road Guide: The Fairy Tale Road in Germany is a 370 mile scenic drive that connects the German towns of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales. The German Fairy Tale Road is a family vacation and leads you to medieval villages with half timbered houses, romantic castles, palaces, and mysterious forests where Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White lived.

World Heritage Sites in Germany

List of the World Heritage Sites in Germany, from palaces, churches and modern architecture, to ancient forests and historic towns.

Train Travel in Germany - All About Train Travel and the German Railway

Train travel in Germany: Read all about train travel in Germany and get a great overview of Germany's trains and the German Railway system. Get helpful information on purchasing German train tickets, seat reservations, timetables for German trains, and discount train passes and tickets.

Vinegar Has Never Been Sweeter

Vinegar aperitif, pralines, coffee and jams - the unique Wine Vinegar Estate Doktorenhof Venningen, Germany makes unique vinegar products.

German Train Tickets and Special Offers

Budget train travel in Germany: Save money with discount train tickets. Check out these German discount train tickets and special offers and book online, at ticket vending machines in Germany, or at the ticket counters of the German National Railway, which are located in most German train stations.

The "Reeperbahn" - Hamburg's Nightlife Hub and Red Light District

Traveler's guide to Hamburg red light district, the Reeperbahn; find out what to expect, and read safety tips and interesting facts about the Reeperbahn.

Germany's Romantic Road

Romantic Road Guide: The Romantic Road in Germany is a wonderful scenic drive through Bavaria. Learn about the Romantic Road highlights, and get tips for your Romantic Road drive; from historical German towns, and medieval castles, to romantic palaces, like Neuschwanstein. Learn about the cities that line the Romantic Road, as well as romantic hotels, and restaurants.

Getting From Munich to Berlin...

How to get from Munich to Berlin, or from Berlin to Munich by plane, train, car, and bus.

How to Get From City to City in Germany

How to get from city to city in Germany by train, plane, car, or bus, including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, and Dresden.

How to get from Frankfurt to Berlin

How to get from Frankfurt to Berlin, or from Berlin to Frankfurt by plane, train, car or bus.

How to get from Frankfurt to Munich

How to get from Frankfurt to Munich, or from Munich to Frankfurt by plane, train, or car.

Getting From Frankfurt to Cologne (Köln)...

How to get from Frankfurt to Cologne (Köln), or from Cologne to Frankfurt by plane, train, and car.

Easter in Germany

Read all about Easter in Germany; from Germany's Easter customs, the German Easter egg hunt, and Germany's Easter markets, to traditional German Easter meals. Learn how Germans spend the Easter weekend and get helpful Easter travel tips.

From Berlin to Dresden

How to get from Berlin to Dresden (or Dresden to Berlin) by plane, train, car, or bus.

How to Get From Berlin to Leipzig

How to get from Berlin to Leipzig (or Leipzig to Berlin) by plane, train, car, or bus.

How to Get From Berlin to Hamburg

How to get from Berlin to Hamburg (or Hamburg to Berlin) by plane, train, car or bus.

The Berlin Welcome Card - Your Ticket to Discounts in Berlin

The Berlin Welcome Card gives you great discounts in Berlin; it is a city card that allows you unlimited travel on the Berlin public transportation system (BVG), and it gives you discounts on many Berlin landmarks, restaurants, shows, and museums. The Berlin Welcome Card is a great deal for first time visitors to Berlin, Germany.

Berlin Nightlife - Guide to Clubs in Berlin

Berlin Clubs and Nightlife: Berlin is the capital of clubs and nightlife. All about dance clubs and music clubs in Berlin, from underground clubs to techno clubs. Before you explore Berlins nightlife and club scenec, read our guide to Berlin Clubs to get the most out of your night; when to go, what to wear, and how to find the best club in Berlin.

How to Avoid Jet Lag

How to avoid jet lag: Read travel tips on how to avoid jet lag while flying to another time zone. Helpful advice from what to do on the plane, and when you arrive. You can also share your own tips on how beat jet lag.

Guide to the Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral Guide: The Cathedral of Cologne is one of Germany's most important architectural monuments. Get information about the Cathedral of Cologne and tips for your visit of the Cologne Cathedral; from opening hours, and admission to the Cologne Cathedral, to English tours of the Cologne Cathedral.

East Side Gallery - The Berlin Wall is a Piece of Art

East Side Gallery: Guide to the Berlin East Side Gallery, an open-air gallery on a section of the Berlin Wall. The East Side Gallery is covered with paintings of international artists. Read interesting historic facts about the East Side Gallery and get tips for your visit of the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

Germany - Essential Facts and Figures of Germany

Germany 101 - this page gives you essential facts, figures and information about Germany; read about the time zone in Germany, voltage in Germany, the German currency and important phone numbers in Germany.

German For Travelers: Useful German Phrases for Train Travel

German for Train Travel: Learn useful German phrases for train travel. Our German travel glossary offers useful German phrases related to train travel in Germany; learn how to book your train tickets in German, and learn useful German phrases you can use on a train or in a train station. Includes German pronounciation.

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