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From Berlin to Dresden

How to Get From Berlin to Dresden


Berlin Main Railway Station
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Many Berlin travelers plan on spending one or two days in Dresden – both cities are only 120 miles apart, and there are many options on how to get from Berlin to Dresden (or vice versa). Find out which transportation option is the best and most convenient for you.

Berlin to Dresden by Plane

You can fly from Berlin to Dresden - but most flights have layovers in other German cities (such as Düsseldorf), which makes the trip long (between 3 and 5 hours) and expensive; tickets usually start at $220 (depending on the time of year). A better option to get from Berlin to Dresden (or vice versa) is taking the train or the car.

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Berlin to Dresden by Train

Taking the train is a great way to get from Berlin to Dresden. Trains run throughout the day, and tickets cost between $40 and 80 (depending on the type of train). The super fast Intercity Express train (ICE), which reaches speed up to 300 km/h, goes via Leipzig and you have to change trains there, which adds another hour to your journey. I’d recommend you take the EC train: It is cheaper than the ICE and goes directly to Dresden (about 2 hours). You can book train tickets, look for special sales, and reserve a seat on the website of the German Railway (in English).

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Berlin to Dresden by Car

If you prefer renting a car and driving from Berlin to Dresden, you’ll be on the road for about 2 hours, depending on traffic. Getting there is easy: Just follow the Autobahn A 13 from Berlin to Dresden (there are also plenty of signs to Dresden along the way).

Berlin to Dresden by Bus

The cheapest option to get from Berlin to Dresden is by bus; a recommended bus company is Berlin Linien Bus, with buses leaving every hour to Dresden. It will take you about 2,5 hours to get from Berlin to Dresden, and for only $12, bus tickets are a real bargain.

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