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2014 Cruises - Baltic, Northern Europe, the British Isles - About.com
Information on cruise lines sailing to the Baltic States, British Isles, and ... on a variety of 7-16 day cruises in the Baltic area and around the North Sea in 2014.
Map of Europe - Cruises - About.com
Dozens of cruise ships sailing the northern Atlantic Ocean or the Baltic Sea stopover in several of these 17 countries of northern Europe. In addition, river ships ...
Pomerania - Poland's Baltic Coast
Pomerania, a region that borders the Baltic Sea, spreads from Germany over into Poland. Polish Pomerania, in the north of the country, is an attractive territory to ...
Baltic and Northern Europe Cruise Reviews - Cruises - About.com
Millennium - Baltic Sea Helen has written a very objective review of the Millennium. Some very good analogies to the Grand Princess. Another must read for ...
Before You Travel to the Baltics - Baltic Region Profile
Nestled together on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia make up the Baltic Region of Eastern Europe. While the three countries are ...
Where are the Baltic States? - Geography - About.com
Located along the Baltic Sea - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are known as the Baltic States. These three countries were occupied and annexed by the Soviet ...
All About Russia's Exclave of Kaliningrad - Geography - About.com
The oblast is a wedge-shaped piece of land along the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania, approximately one-half the size of Belgium, 5,830 mi2 ( 15,100 ...
Geography and Map of Germany
Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark. Geographic coordinates: 51 00 N, 9 00 E.
Fishing Around the Baltic Sea - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Bragging Board. Fishing The Baltic. These pictures were taken while Linda and I were on a cruise of the Baltic. It was good to see people, especially kids, fishing ...
The Karlshamn Baltic Festival (Östersjöfestivalen)
Each summer, the Karlshamn Baltic Festival attracts performers and artists from the regions around the Baltic Sea. During this time in July, Karlshamn's streets ...
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