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Germany During Ramadan

Berlin Mosque.jpg

Find out how the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is observed in Germany and how non-Muslims can be respectful. In 2014, Ramadan runs from Saturday June 28th until Sunday July 27th.

Germany Travel Spotlight10

Foreign Embassies in Frankfurt

Find your nearest embassy or consulate in Frankfurt, Germany

What's with Berlin's Bears?

Bears - even live ones - are all over Berlin. The best places to spot bears in Germany's capital from the Bärenzwinger (bear pit) to bear statues.

Visit Drachenfels - A "New" German Castle

The German Castle on "Dragon's Rock" is worth the hike! Take the tram to the ancient ruins or modern castle overlooking the Rhine river.

What to see in Remagen (Besides the Bridge)

There's more to see than the "Miracle at Remagen" in this German town. Here are 6 other attractions to see in Remagen (besides the bridge).

Bridge at Remagen

The battle at the bridge in Remagen still draws visitors from abroad. Visit the quaint city, Peace Museum and examine the sobering remains of the bridge.

Three Weird German Bike Tours

Find a unique way to travel throughout your favorite German city with these bizarre bikes. Prepare to have your picture taken while riding around town in style.

German Animal Shelters

Listing of animal shelters in Germany. Find a German Tierheim near you to volunteer, donate or adopt a pet.

Adopting a Pet in Germany

Adopt a pet at one of Germany's Tierheims (animal shelters). Information about adoptions, locations and centers throughout Germany.

Climb into a Submarine in Hamburg

Explore the Russian U-434 in Hamburg's harbor and see if you could handle the claustrophobic lifestyle abroad a Cold War submarine.

Bridges of Berlin

Discover the capital's most magnificent crossings. With more bridges than Venice, Berlin's bridges are a highlight of the city.

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